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Transforming Business, One Relationship at a Time

CRM is really about figuring out how to build great relationships with your customers. That’s what matters. Relationships lead to loyalty, and loyalty leads to growth and sustainability for your business.

At Ledgeview Partners, we’re really into helping you harness the amazing power of vibrant relationships to reshape your business, inside and out. We don’t just install a software system or build cute little widgets. We’re serious business advisors. We dig into the way you do things in order to understand how your company works. Our goal is to change the way you do business. To help you to delight your customers in ways they don’t expect. In ways that convert to growth.

We take joy in your success, because it means we’ve fulfilled our purpose of serving you by harnessing our mastery of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help you grow and prosper. We realize that puts the bar pretty high, but we’ll reach it. And when we do, you’ll be amazed by what happens to your business.

Ledgeview has distinguished itself, in my mind, from the highly commoditized market in which it exists. It does so by providing personal attention to the client in delivery of exemplary service and quality product.

Christopher Thomas, Synygy

Partners with Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce

We are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Partner and a Silver Consulting Partner. We provide, implement, and support both CRM tools to companies of all sizes and in all industries throughout the United States and Canada.

Defined by our Customer’s Success

Our customer’s success is our success. Two of our core values at Ledgeview Partners is to use our gifts to help others succeed and take joy in the work that we do everyday. Both of those are evident in the success stories that our customer’s have shared. We encourage you to check them out. Heck, one of our client’s even wrote a song about us. Now, that’s pretty cool.