We’re experts at Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce because we believe they are the best CRM systems available. Ultimately, your CRM is your choice. We give you all the information you need to make the best educated decision. Our experience and flexible processes enable us to work through any challenges to effectively transition you to your new CRM.

Ledgeview’s CRM Services include:

  • Analysis / Discovery – We know the idea of implementing CRM can seem daunting.  So, instead of jumping head first into CRM, we encourage you to share your business goals with us. Together we will develop a CRM roadmap that supports your ambitions without overwhelming your organization.
  • Design – A CRM system only works well when configured to work the way you do business. We start from the bottom to help you work your way up.  From screens and reports, data consolidation and integration, to mobile capabilities, we cover it all.
  • Implementation – The Implementation of your CRM makes the design a reality! Your users are trained through onsite classes and/or webinars, and then you officially go live!
  • Support – Our CRM specialists provide ongoing training, support, and customization. So go ahead, ask us 100 questions. We’ll answer them all.
  • Existing CRM Audit – Maybe you already have a CRM in place, but adoption is low or you are just not happy with it. We are here to help. Even if your current CRM is a jumbled mess, we can turn the adoption around, set it up properly and train your team to fully utilize it.
  • Marketing Services – We can assist you with an marketing automation and technology audit, help you select the right tools and solutions and provide you with a road map to execute the right marketing strategies to achieve your business goals.

With You Every Step of the Way

Ledgeview 98% Retention RateWe know it sounds cliché to say we walk you through the process step by step, but we do! Consistent communication is important to us. We don’t just sign a customer and show up two months later with their CRM. We follow a thorough process that incorporates cost, scope and timeline controls.

After the project goes live, we won’t drop you. We provide ongoing support for every customer. That’s why we have a 98% retention rate.

We chose Ledgeview because the proposal reflected what we hoped to accomplish by customizing the product for our government affairs unit. Ledgeview absolutely met our expectations and found great solutions for our business needs. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Marissa Ingalls, State Relations Associate, University of Washington
Ledgeview Partners CRM Customer Service

Your Very Own Consultant

Our team works together very well. If one consultant handles your initial project and another steps in to provide support and enhancements, they always talk about your project to ensure a smooth transition for you. It’s just another way we build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients.



More Than a Customer, You’re a Partner

We go beyond recommending a CRM system. We delve into your business to gain a deep understanding of your industry, and your goals, and then we lead you through implementing a CRM to help make those a reality. To us, you’re more than a customer, you’re a partner.

The Key is the “R” in CRM

Customer Relationship Management is really about figuring out how to build great relationships with your customers. That’s what matters. Relationships lead to loyalty, and loyalty leads to growth and sustainability for your business. That’s where most implementations go off the rails.

See, what we’re really into…the part that trips our trigger…is helping you harness the amazing power of vibrant relationships to reshape your business, inside and out. We don’t just install a software system or build cute little widgets. We’re serious business advisors. We dig into the way you do things in order to understand how your company works. We uncover your pain points, and we cast a vision for how we’ll wipe those suckers out.

Planning for CRM Success: An On-Demand Webcast

Planning for CRM Success

A successful CRM implementation, upgrade or project hinges on detailed preparation. In this session we will discuss key factors in successfully planning for CRM Success. How to assemble your project team, avoiding project failures and pitfalls, best practices for designing and deploying CRM, building a successful user adoption program and achieving ROI.