Manufacturing and Distribution can be a very complex industries but your path with Customer Relationship Management doesn’t have to be. Simply put, it’s about making the job you do, and your path to success easier.

How Manufacturer’s are succeeding with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce and Ledgeview Partners


Cummins WagnerCummins-Wagner, a large distributor of industrial and mechanical equipment, selects Ledgeview Partners to help them implement a complete security overhaul for their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Read Full Case Study

Bemis ManufacturingBemis Manufacturing, the largest toilet seat manufacturer in the world, expands it usage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help its wholesale division gather and analyze customer and competitor intelligence, harnessing the power of data to improve its products, manufacturing processes, and customer experience. Read Full Case Study

DOT FoodsThe nation’s first, and largest, food redistributor partners with Salesforce and Ledgeview Partners to consolidate its customer data, streamline its sales processes, and spur adoption of best practices across its vast sales force. Read the full case study

BOSS Snowplow and Dynamics CRMAs BOSS SNOWPLOW continues to grow as a market leader, there was a growing need for consolidation and automation of customer data systems.  Prior to selecting Ledgeview Partners to implement Dynamics CRM, customer data was saved & managed by multiple departments with numerous methods of reporting and updating information. Read the full case study.

“CRM has allowed us to be more proactive with our customers and potential customers. Through integration with SharePoint and our ERP system, our employees can easily access the information they need to provide excellent customer service.”

Karen Bebow, IS Manager, Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing

CRM 101 for Manufacturing

Wondering what is possible when you combine Ledgeview’s industry leading knowledge and a CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce?

Customer Relationship Management or “CRM” has thousands of features around Sales, Marketing and Customer Service that is guiding manufacturing companies to amazing results.

But what exactly is CRM? Why might you need it? How do you select one? And how do you actually get your people to use (and love) it?

In this on-demand webinar we provide you with answers to all those questions and more as we examine CRM, specifically for SMB Manufacturers.