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At Ledgeview, I am privileged to get to wear many different hats.

In between big projects, I work heavily on blog posts; in particular, this series.

As I enhance my skills and knowledge of my own work, I feel grateful that Salesforce provides their partners access to Trailhead so that they can grow their skill sets, better serve clients, and become masters of the technology.

I’m a long way from being a “master”.

This is called “a beginner’s guide”, after all; nevertheless, whether you are experienced or novice, I hope you are enjoying this documentation of my trails so far, and have been inspired to create your own.

To tell me about your path, you can reach out in the comments of any of Ledgeview’s social posts, send me an email, or, my favorite method that Trailhead encourages as you earn badges – tag me in your tweet updates, @missjflar.

That said, let’s jump in.

This week, I’m covering the segment, “Configure Content Builder Access”, as part of the “Create Compelling Content with Content Builder” module.

In this segment, you will learn about these key components:

  • Determine Content Builder roles and permissions for your Marketing Cloud users
  • Set the level of access to an individual asset at the business-unit level
  • Set edit permissions for individual content

This module is about deciding how you want Marketing Cloud users within your Salesforce organization to access content and folders in Content Builder.

Content Builder gives you complete control over who creates and uses your content.

As a Salesforce admin, you are able to set the parameters for creating, editing, viewing, publishing, sharing, and deleting permissions.

Trailhead walks you through how to do this within the unit.

Setting permissions is fairly easy in Marketing Cloud, so long as you know where to find them.

What’s even more important is addressing the “Why?”

Consider: Why would you want to control permissions as to who can share, edit, access, delete, view, or publish your content?

You want the right people who are experienced with your brand to control your organization’s marketing strategy.

While it may be tempting to hand things off to an intern who grew up with social media and advanced technology, and knows how to navigate the system as second-nature, this is not always the best way or reason to give them full permissions.

If you find yourself identifying with this, don’t worry.

It’s a common hole that organizations can fall into.

While intern-level employees may know the ins and outs of social media or high-tech, that’s not always the case about their knowledge of your brand that you’ve worked, perhaps several years or decades to build.

Marketing CloudWho manages your marketing strategy and channels is ultimately up to your internal marketing manager, though. Not every individual is the same, nor is every business.

Some interns may, in fact, possess the brand knowledge your organization needs to thrive!

So, while handing things off to an intern may not be ideal for most, it may be best or the only solution for others.

In no way am I dismissing the credibility of an intern, either.

When it comes down to it, I only mean to urge you to reflect on the fact that while most interns may have a more advanced knowledge of modern technology than a more seasoned employee might, that does not mean their knowledge of the brand and its needs are as level.

It is a spectrum of considerations.

It’s always a matter of working with what you have, right?

Objectively assess your people to gage the best understanding of who should be the admin of your system. 

You must identify your needs as a brand and the talent and skill sets of your team members to respond to those needs in creative, proactive, and data-minded ways.

Their roles should be properly reflected in Marketing Cloud, and it isn’t forever.

As employees grow in the workplace, so will their roles, and you can always change your permissions over time.

Trailhead explains this and more in this module.

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Until next time, here’s to completing more trails together in Trailhead! 


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