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Happy Thursday, Salesforce Trailhead friends.

It’s finally time to learn about how Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Products all work together. Before you dive into this post, I suggest going through these first:

Once you’re done with those, you can better understand the purpose of this post and how crucial it is to know their specific functions so you can see how they all work together with a full vision.

That in mind, let’s get started …

Once you’ve completed the first three units of the “Marketing Cloud Products” trail, you will learn how the first three units all work together in the fourth.

Trailhead explains how Marketing Cloud Email Studio and Journey Builder work together, and also shares examples of how Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio and Social Studio can help customers.

Think about the Messaging, Advertising and Data, and Social Media Management products like departments in your organization. While they are strong as independent entities, they are even stronger together as a team, or, in this case, the Marketing Cloud.

They become much more powerful.

In this unit, Trailhead explains their power through a case study. I will go over the basics in this post, but highly recommend you get the details by going through the module yourself.

Imagine you are an organization with many remote employees and some in-house employees and are struggling with your onboarding process. In this case,

Email Studio and Journey Builder not only applies to your customers but your (new) team members.

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Email Studio will allow you to create and send emails that guide your employees through the onboarding process so that no steps are missed and the

information sent to all team members is consistent.

There is only one version of the truth and all employees are led proactively. Though their journies are different, the information is the same.

That’s where the Journey Builder comes in. Journey Builder triggers all emails and logic to your new employees based on their actions and profiles.

So, while employee A might be ready for step number eight, employee B may only be on step five, but they are getting the same information at every step. Make sense?

They are just moving through your process at different rates, and your system is designed to respond to their actions and behaviors accordingly.

If you have separate processes for remote and home-based employees, you can create two separate paths for each type of worker in the Journey Builder.

Months after revamping their process and finding success with their new system in Marketing Cloud, the company is ready to move on to new projects, like a major website redesign.

Part of the problems they see includes customer service. With the current interface, there is a lack of a personalized and effective customer experience. It is not the best in terms of mobile or social compatibility either.

It also severely lacks a personalized understanding of customers and the ability to gather data on them.

That’s where the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile and Social Studios come in.

To give a better experience to their customers, they decide to use SMS messaging in Mobile Studio to provide order updates and other relevant notifications to their customers.

This makes the customers feel like they can trust the company more.

Then, the company uses Social Studio to learn more about what their customers like and don’t like about their brand, practices, website user interface, etc. to create a better customer experience, build brand loyalty, and increase customer retention.

Once these systems are implemented, it proves to be another big win for the marketing team at the company, and customer satisfaction rates are through the roof.

This is just one incredible example of how you can use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to create better, more personalized experiences for your customers,

respond to their needs, reach them on all channels, analyze customer data to improve your branding, and much more.

I highly suggest completing the entire “Marketing Cloud Products” module yourself so that you can truly understand its capabilities and get ideas about how it could benefit your organization on an individual level.

As always, it’s been a pleasure walking this trail with you.

Here’s to more, and when you need help with your Salesforce system, remember that Ledgeview is only a phone call, contact form, or email away!

Until next time.

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