Welcome to the New Year, Salesforce Trailhead friends!

This year, I’m starting off with the Trail, “Create Compelling Content with Content Builder”.

As a marketer, I am continually interested in learning more about how the product can benefit my everyday processes and strategies.

The first module in this series is: “Marketing Content Creation: Learn About the Value of Content”.

When you’re ready to dive in with me, read on!

In this module, Salesforce aims to teach you about what makes content valuable, provides an overview of common challenges for content marketers, and describes the importance of empathy, especially when engaging with consumers.

A philosophy I live by as a professional marketer is to “post with purpose”.

Posting content just to post it doesn’t work. Today’s modern consumer can see right through that strategy … or lack thereof.

Consumers need a genuine status update from a company, group, or public figure they trust and find value in.

How do you get to this level? As I dove deeper into the 10-minute segment, I found it to be more of a good refresher and review than anything for me.

As a person who is new to marketing, however, and especially to marketing with Salesforce, this segment is a great way to get started with your new journey into the world of modern marketing.

Before diving into the technical aspects of any marketing project, it’s important for marketers to be guided by purpose. Without it, we become robotic, and, in order to empathize with consumers, we must maintain our humanity in every post.

While artificial intelligence has the ability to make us more robotic, it actually can work quite proactively and in reverse to help us be more personalized with our campaigns.

As Salesforce iterates in this segment, “Artificial intelligence gives us the opportunity to drill down into our own data to learn more about our consumers, so that we can create personalized content, even for individual consumers”.

Conversations with consumers have the ability to become more intimate as technology continues to advance and evolve.

As Salesforce says, “It’s an exciting time to be a content marketer. However, with this great opportunity comes great responsibility”.

There is a unique psychology to marketing that requires the content creator to be considerate, sensitive, and empathetic in order to grow and retain an audience.

The best way to know how to do this is to ask your consumers. Go directly to the source! Monitor conversations. Analyze data.

Don’t just read the surface. Dive deep into the information you have available to you.

Salesforce certainly allows for this sort of individualism and care from marketer to consumer!

The high expectations of the market will only grow as time goes on, so, as a marketer, it’s always best to adapt and grow along with it as to not get behind. As most marketers know, the second you catch up, you’re already at least a few steps behind.

Get ahead and start your trail to creating compelling content with Content Builder and Salesforce.

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