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Another week, another lesson in Salesforce Trailhead for me to share.

The expansiveness of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud continues to amaze me. What about you?

If you’ve yet to read “A Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Trailhead: Marketing Cloud Messaging Products”, I recommend doing that before you dive into this experiential post.

Once you’ve completed the Marketing Cloud Basics module, you can start the Marketing Cloud Products trail with me!

In the second unit of the trail, Trailhead teaches you about Marketing Cloud Advertising and Data Products, explaining key features of its Advertising Studio, Salesforce DMP, and Salesforce Data Studio products, and how you might use them to leverage your success.

(Trailhead has also broken down some use cases for all of these, but for the purpose of this post, I’ll jump right into the insight-specific content.)

I’ll start with what I’ve learned from the module about Salesforce’s Advertising Studio to give you an idea of what you’re in for …

In my own words, Advertising Studio helps you create better ads that people actually want to see and makes you seem less “spammy”. Remember, just because we have customer data, doesn’t mean we can spam them.

Technically, the studio helps you “manage and optimize your ad campaigns so that, based on their profile, you present only the relevant content to your customers”.

So, to me, this means if you’re a retailer with men and women’s clothing, and a customer of yours is only interested in women’s size large clothing in shades of red, they will only see that type of clothing in your social ads.

(Am I right, Salesforce gods?)

Trailhead explains that in Advertising Studio you can advertise relevant content across social media networks, manage ads at scale, visualize data with analytics, and use Salesforce CRM data to target your ad content.

Next, Salesforce DMP (Data Management Platform) captures and analyzes consumer data, then organizes it so marketers can use it to create more dynamic and personalized consumer experiences.

Salesforce Data Studio is a data sharing platform where marketers, brands, and publishers can expand their reach, discover new audiences, and “supercharge” their DMP.

My only question with this part is exactly how privacy works with the sharing aspect. How is consumer data protected?

If you have the same questions, more information about protecting your data in the studio, and, as a business, the data of your consumers, can be found here

You can also learn more about how to share with trusted partners while complying with data privacy laws via this link.

If you want help with your Salesforce system, reach out to Ledgeview.

Our Salesforce Consultants are certified experts, and, even better, they are truly passionate and knowledgeable about what they do, which helps make you more competent and confident in managing and growing your own system.

Until next time, here’s to completing more trails together in Trailhead! 

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