Lisa A. Benson Cofounder and CEO


Doug Fissell Cofounder and President


Lisa, Why Did You Start A Company Focused on Customer Relationship Management?

My core beliefs on what it takes to be successful in business are very simple: use your gifts to serve others and stay focused on what you do really well. Our business was founded on these beliefs. Everything we do, whether through technology, process, or other is centered on helping clients improve their customer focus and develop stronger, more profitable customer relationships.


What Makes Ledgeview Partners Different?

There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t experience a customer’s face light up as we hear them say “Wow, you can really do that? That will make a big difference to our business!” It’s not that we’ve presented a ‘new fangled’ idea. We are just really good at listening, problem solving, providing the right solutions, and being flexible. We love and encourage diversity of thought and gifts because we recognize that it makes us, as individuals and as a team, stronger and better at what we do.

Doug, Why Did You Start A Company Focused on Customer Relationship Management?

I have a strong belief in service which is demonstrated through my military and corporate experience. It’s through those experiences that I have learned what makes a business successful:

  • Provide value
  • Build strong relationships for today AND tomorrow
  • Resolve concerns as if they were my own
  • Look for opportunities to improve – always

When the opportunity arose to form a company that was focused exclusively on helping other businesses accomplish this, there was no hesitation – it was a perfect fit.


What Makes Ledgeview Partners Different?

We focus on Customer Relationship Management through our two divisions: providing customization and implementation services for the best CRM software tool in the marketplace and selling with a service based approach. We won’t implement just any old software package; we won’t sell just anything. Customer Relationship Management is at our core and this combination of services makes us strong.

In addition to our CRM focus, our talent is superior. Our strengths based organization allows us to provide great customer service because our employees have identified gifts that are utilized to their individual potential. Every day they get to work on what they do best with customers who need expert services to enable them to do what they do best. It’s a win-win for everyone.