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The first question to ask yourselves about selecting a marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is: Does it include the features my organization needs?

Now, this may be difficult to answer if you’re unaware of the features available to you, so let’s go over those first. Though marketing automation technology varies, generally, it includes features and functionality like:

  • Email marketing
  • Event management
  • Social media marketing
  • Campaign automation
  • SMS (shot message service) messaging
  • Reporting
  • Form capture
  • Survey
  • Landing pages
  • Training and support
  • Web intelligence
  • and Lead Scoring

The digital era has certainly changed buyer behavior as these features and functionality are concerned, which, in turn, has changed how organizations market and sell.

With information so readily available to consumers, it’s likely they know much more about your company than you do about them at the first touchpoint.

As a result, consumers expect more relevant, personalized, and timely communications from brands.

This makes marketing automation technology even more important today. It means that brands need a marketing automation vendor who can keep up with consumer demands. You need a marketing automation solution that can help you evolve with the marketplace as it continues to grow at a rapid pace.

If you navigated to this post, odds are that you need something that extends beyond email marketing to respond to more intricate and comprehensive consumer needs.

You and your team may find any of the aforementioned features and functionality useful, but your top consideration should be comparing your current state to your desired future state.

When it comes to selecting a marketing automation solution to pair with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, it’s important to look forward.

When you look forward, don’t just consider the needs of your marketing team, but the needs of your customer service and sales teams, too. An effective marketing automation solution should benefit your organization as a collective.

Even if you’re not using a certain feature or functionality today, if you’re considering it for the future, it’s worth considering a system in the current state that includes this so you don’t have to go through another transition process in the near future.

Look for a marketing automation solution that will accommodate long-term feature and functionality needs.

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