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What Salesforce Trailhead Glossary Terms are you familiar with? Are you struggling to pick up on all of the technical and social lingo associated with Trailhead by Salesforce?

We understand – it can be overwhelming at first!

In this post, we help to clear things up with simple definitions of key terminology that will help guide your path to success with Trailhead.


(From Top, Down) Modules, Trails, Trailmixes, and Projects | Screenshot from Trailhead by Salesforce

1. Modules

Modules introduce you to specific topics in bite-sized units. By completing modules, you will learn what a Salesforce feature is, when it’s helpful, and how to use it.

To complete a module, you will test yourself with challenges in order to move forward with your educational journey.

2. Trails

Trails are described as guided learning paths through modules and projects that help you cover the most ground in the shortest amount of time. Salesforce encourages you to think of them as your personal game plan for exploring new skills.

3. Trailmixes

Trailmixes encompass modules, trails, projects, and super badges.

You can create your own Trailmixes to follow and complete, or take advantage of Salesforce’s large library of pre-established ones.

How you explore the system is completely up to you!

4. Projects

Projects give users hands-on experience with Salesforce technology with step-by-step instructions. You will gain access to a demo environment where you can put your education to work.

They help you gain new skills and confidence faster than you might’ve previously dreamed possible!

Trailhead by Salesforce

(From Top, Down) Favorites, Badges, and Points | Screenshot from Trailhead by Salesforce

5. Favorites

If you’re a social media savant, Favorites should be second-nature to you! If not, fear not – it’s easy to pick up on this functionality of the system and use it to your advantage.

Take advantage of the Favorites to feature in Trailhead by clicking on the “heart” icon next to your favorite Trail, Module, project, or Trailmix. When you do this, Trailhead will save it to your personal Favorites page that you can use for tracking and accessing later in your educational ventures.

You can always find your Favorites by clicking on your profile picture and clicking on “Favorites” in the drop-down menu.

Un-favoriting is just as simple. If you’ve decided you don’t want to have something in your favorites, simply click on the heart icon next to the Trail, Module, Project, or Trailmix you want to un-favorite.

6. Badges

Badges are a reflection of the points you earn and the paths you complete.

They are shareable via your social networks, and show you where you stand in the Salesforce ecosystem!

7. Points

You earn Points in Trailhead by completing Trails, Modules, Projects, and Trailmixes.

Points help you move up in the Trailhead ecosystem ranks. They help you work towards your bigger picture goals, possibly of completing certifications as an Admin, Developer, Marketer, or Consultant.

(Or, they’re always great for bragging rights, right?)


(From Top, Down) Ranks, Skill Categories, and Certification | Screenshot from Trailhead by Salesforce

8. Ranks

Ranks are a reflection of how many points and badges you’ve accumulated throughout your educational journey in Trailhead.

9. Skill Categories

Skill Categories show you the categories you’ve completed in percentage format as you navigate the system. You can see which you’re following or the most you’ve completed under each category via your Profile.

Categories are always searchable when you are looking for Trails, Projects, Trailmixes, and Modules, and using filters.

10. Certification

Certifications help you advance your career with Salesforce, whether as a Marketer, Admin, Developer, or Consultant.

Certifications help you highlight your skills and enhance your resume to boost your future career!

Now that you know these important Salesforce Trailhead Glossary Terms, learn more about Salesforce Trailhead!

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