10 Features on Microsoft Dynamics 365's V9 Deprecation List to Watch for

10 Features on Microsoft Dynamics 365’s V9 Deprecation List to Watch for

With every major release, Microsoft comes out with a list of features they will be deprecating.

What does that mean for you? Let us start by telling you what it does not mean … It does not mean upgrading to 9.0 will make your system go away but warns you these features will be going away within the next few upgrades.

You can value it as a warning list, more than anything. (Remember, the Outlook Plugin is not going away anytime soon.)

  1. Service Scheduling

Microsoft encourages that, “Service Scheduling using the Service Activity should be replaced by Unified Resource Scheduling included with Dynamics 365 for Field Service.”

  1. Dialogs

Though Ledgeview has found that not many users use Dialogs, the Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM user community warns that it does not believe there is a direct replacement for Dialog in 365 for those that do use it.

This is definitely something to watch out for if you are currently using Dialogs. Users will have to take cues from Microsoft to see where it goes.

  1. Parature Integration

Microsoft reports that Parature can be replaced by the Knowledge Management feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

  1. Client API (JavaScript)
    10 Features on Microsoft Dynamics 365's V9 Deprecation List to Watch for

    10 Features on Microsoft Dynamics 365’s V9 Deprecation List to Watch for

There are some common functions that will require simple changes with the deprecation of Client API (JavaScript), and if you haven’t updated this during the past few upgrades, you may need to soon.

A Diagnostics test is suggested, and an expert at Ledgeview can help you out with that today.

Preparation with upgrades = CRM power.

  1. Silverlight

Older versions of Silverlight may go away soon. Ledgeview advises you to keep up with Microsoft Dynamics 365 blogs and newsletters for updates with this feature.

  1. Contracts

Microsoft has announced Contracts, Contract Line Items and Contract Templates are deprecated, and will be replaced by Entitlements in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.

  1. Standard Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Microsoft defines SLAs as “a formalized method to help organizations meet service levels when they provide customer service and support.” They will be replaced by Enhanced SLAs.

  1. Relationship Roles

The replacement for Relationship Roles in upcoming upgrades will be Connection Roles.

  1. Mail Merge

Mail Merge was tied to the Outlook Plugin, but now that the Plugin is not going away, this is also up in the air. Users will have to play a bit of a waiting game to see if it will stick around long-term.

What CRM Users should start to look at are the Word and Excel Templates. It may not be a direct replacement, but it’s a pretty good one for the time being.

  1. Announcements

Microsoft says “announcements never really provided any value within CRM,” and, as a result, will be deprecated.

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RESOURCES: “What’s Being Deprecated in Dynamics 365 Version 9,” via Microsoft TechNet.

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