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With any Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Release, there is a lot to learn, and October 2018 updates are no exception.

Last, but certainly not least, there are many Field Service General Availability Updates to cover as part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM October Release!

We’ll dive deep into the topic throughout this post, but, before reading, you may want to check out these blogs that focus on other important subtopics within the October Release Notes …

Now that you know about all of the aforementioned updates, let’s get into Field Service …

1. Integration with Finance and Operations (Overall)
This will allow for Account, Product, and Pricelist Data and Work Order Data to be moved into Sales Orders when Work Orders are marked “Closed”.

Warehouse, Purchase Order (PO), and Invoice Integration Capabilities are also available as of the October Release.

2. Entitlement Management (Overall)
The Entitlement functionality has been extended within Field Service as of the October Release.

This will allow users to specify the levels of support a Custom is entitled to in the Field Service Context.

Keep in mind, Entitlements now include:

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Products
  • Work Orders
  • and Work Order Performance Metrics

3. Multi-Resource Scheduling (for Work Orders, Overall)
Multiple resources can be scheduled against a single work order as of the October Release.

Incident Types can now be related to requirement group templates. When you create a Work Order and select an incident type, a group of requirements can be added to the Work Order.

4. SLA Management (Overall)
Details of your SLA (Service Level Agreement) will now populate into Work Orders. The scheduling process will also take into account, commitments based on SLAs.

5. Integration with Microsoft Bot Framework (Mobile)
Many jobs can be the same with Microsoft Bot Framework. This feature allows technicians to utilize bots from the Microsoft Bot Framework, or your own bots from a template.

It will allow your technician to complete thorough, conversational, and hands-free actions with their mobile devices.

6. Define Groups of Requirements with Conditional Logic (Universal Resource Scheduling)
These groups consist of multiple requirements and schedule teams of resources.

For one of those Requirement Groups, the resource requirements can be defined by Grid-Based Control, which allows the requirements to be organized in a hierarchal structure.

7. Multi-Resource Scheduling (URS [Universal Resource Scheduling])
You can dynamically set resources to be at the same location, meet remotely, etc.

After setting up Multi-Resource scheduling, you can …

  • Search across various ways teams can be assembled
  • Mix and match your team in the following ways:
    • Crews and Individuals
    • People, Equipment, and Facilities
    • Individuals and Crews

With Universal Resource Scheduling, you can also schedule predefined resource crews.

8. Resource Pools
With the October release, you can assign resources to the resource pool so schedulers can book requirements against a pool instead of assigning an individual to perform the work.

9. Facility Scheduling
Now, with the release, you can schedule work to be done at a service provider’s location instead of a customer’s.

10. Fulfillment Preferences (URS)
This function is intended to simplify the experience for schedulers and customers within Dynamics to decrease the amount of time it takes to book appointments.

Major changes include:

  • Preset Intervals: Offer only 15-min. appointments on the half-hour
  • Time Groups: preset windows of availability
  • Hide specific time
  • Display only the top results to your scheduler

This isn’t all there is to know about Field Service updates! Stay tuned for next week’s blog post as we give you more to watch for in the October Release.

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Next week, we’ll cover what’s new with Field Services from the 2018 Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM October Release Notes.

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