Sales and Marketing Alignment Statistics

10 Important Sales and Marketing Alignment Statistics You Should Know in 2019

Sales and marketing alignment is critical, and these Sales and Marketing Alignment Statistics prove it in 2019.

Alignment is an essential component to the success of your organization as a whole – there’s no denying it!

As you may know from reading a variety of Ledgeview Partners content, the cost of sales and marketing misalignment is huge. That’s why it’s not only important to understand and inherit the following statistics but react to them as salespeople and marketers alike.

When we don’t align as salespeople and marketers, our marketing automation approach isn’t as strong, nor is the way we approach the bulk of our daily processes.

Marketeer shares relevant statistics to keep top of mind as you bring your sales and marketing teams together in 2019 to reach new levels of success.

Sales and Marketing Alignment Statistics

  1. “Only 35% of salespeople think marketing knows what they need.”
  2. “47% of marketing teams don’t have a documented buyer’s journey.”
  3. “56% of marketing teams don’t identify gaps by persona.”

    Sales and Marketing Alignment Statistics

  4. “One-third of marketing and sales teams don’t talk regularly.”
  5. “55% of marketers don’t know which assets sales use most.”
  6. “35% of marketing teams don’t have a process for internal ideation.”

    Sales and Marketing Alignment Statistics

  7. “Marketing leaders are 3x less likely to call lack of visibility into priorities outside their team a top barrier to success.”
  8. “No one knows who owns the customer experience. When you ask your departments, you’ll probably get many different answers. That’s because everyone needs to be accountable for the customer experience.”
  9. “62% of survey respondents said consistent messaging is a must.”
  10. “CMP (certified marketing professional) users are as likely as non-users to say sales don’t use their content.”

What ideas or inspiration did you gain from these statistics to align or further align your sales and marketing teams? Did any of these numbers surprise you?

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Sales and Marketing Alignment Statistics


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