10 More Reasons We Love CRM

10 More Reasons We Love CRM

Why do we love CRM? Let us count the ways!

Okay, if we actually sat here and wrote down every single reason we love CRM, we’d probably be here for weeks, so out of respect for everyone’s time, let’s break it down into ten more reasons we all can’t get enough of CRM.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, of course, we couldn’t help but reflect on why we love CRM. If you’ve been using CRM for years, you can probably attest to these reasons, but if you’re new to it, you’re in for a treat.

Here are ten more reasons to love CRM in 2021.

10 More Reasons We Love CRM

1. CRM Helps Align Sales and Marketing

Before CRM, we sometimes hear that it feels like sales and marketing teams are disconnected. It may feel like they’re working for two completely different organizations. Communication may be lacking and processes may inefficient.

Once CRM comes into the picture, however, many of the common issues that sales and marketing teams face on the path to alignment can be resolved. Leading CRM technology helps to align sales and marketing in new and exciting ways.

Sales and marketing come together, connect their processes and strategies, avoid duplicating efforts, improve communication, produce more effective business outcomes, and much more with CRM technology like Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce.

2. CRM Supports Social Media

Social media is integral to today’s culture. Your business presence on social media networks is often imperative to your marketing success.

CRM offers social media integrations through marketing automation or directly within the system to help you achieve all of your social media marketing goals.

CRM helps you interact with your customers on their preferred channels. As a result, marketers and customer service reps alike gather more valuable insights about your customers.

Gain access to trends, identify what kind of marketing messaging is and isn’t working, determine which channels are the most popular ones for your customers to reach out on to address concerns, and much more.

3. CRM Helps a Variety of Industries

Whatever your business size or type, you can be assured there is a solution out there for you.

A range of organizations use CRM today, whether it be higher education institutions, financial services, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, nonprofits, retail outlets, construction firms, global corporations, etc.

CRM is for everyone and anyone who wants to transform their business and achieve a great ROI.

10 More Reasons We Love CRM

10 More Reasons We Love CRM

4. CRM Helps You Segment Your Customers

CRM helps your sales and marketing teams reach out to a segment of your customers based on specific criteria that you set, whether it be their company size, location, likeliness to buy from you, product interests, etc.

Essentially, you are able to sort your customers with the data you’ve collected about them over time.

When combined with marketing automation technology, CRM becomes even more effective in helping sales and marketing segment customer profiles and reach them in more personalized and engaging ways.

5. CRM Helps You Grow Your Sales Pipeline

CRM helps you track your business’s sales pipeline throughout the buyer’s journey. Sales reps and managers gain clear visibility into the sales pipeline and buyer’s journey with the power of CRM.

CRM allows them to see what is and isn’t working with Won and Lost history so that sales processes and strategies can be improved upon.

By taking advantage of Opportunity Dashboards, sales reps can prioritize their efforts by identifying where big opportunities are. Reports and Dashboards are other key advantages of CRM for salespeople. They get to see their sales data in clear and visually-appealing ways.

This just touches the surface as to how CRM can help sales grow their sales pipeline. If you want to gain holistic business insights, accelerate social selling with sales intelligence, filter sales data, and much more, CRM is the next best step for your business in 2021.

6. CRM Helps You Create Your Customer Service “Dream Team”

CRM gives your customer service reps and managers the tools they need to be successful together.

CRM can help your customer service team manage customer service requests across multiple channels (like popular social media networks), gain clear visibility into the case management resolution process from day one, solve customer service cases more efficiently and effectively, and much more.

CRM has evolved to accommodate the digital world, making it easier for customer service reps to not only give your customers the support they demand but the support they deserve.

Earn customers for life, and keep your customer service reps equally happy in the process!

10 More Reasons We Love CRM

10 More Reasons We Love CRM

7. CRM Improves Business-Wide Communication

CRM enables business-wide transparency, creating open lines of communication across departments.

Tag customer service reps to cases, tag sales reps or managers to opportunities, be alerted to important customer or company updates with alerts and notifications, never miss a beat with CRM mobile, and much more.

CRM helps to bring your team together to optimize the customer experience and internal processes.

8. CRM Mobilizes Your Workforce

CRM lets you take your technology on-the-go. In today’s workforce, this is a necessary advantage for any business solution to have.

While a majority of today’s workforce is still working remotely due to the pandemic times, people are still using their mobile devices frequently for work and non-work related actions.

So, whether your team wants to move their at-home office space to a different area of the house or they’re working across the country, you never have to worry about the accessibility and security of your data with the mobile capabilities so many CRM systems offer.

10 More Reasons We Love CRM

10 More Reasons We Love CRM

9. Cloud CRM Improves Business Security

Cloud CRM systems have different encryption methods for data security that position them at a higher level than on-premises solutions.

SuperOffice reports that cloud CRM providers “offer advanced automatized back-up policies and have clear data recovery plans if a breach happens.”

Individually, your CRM users are often given an additional chance to improve your organization’s security by enabling 2FA (two-factor or multi-factor authentication). This is the case with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, for example.

10. CRM is Constantly Evolving

CRM isn’t just a one-and-done implementation – it’s a long-time investment that, when used properly, has a lasting positive effect on your business. You don’t have to worry about it going out of fashion or failing to keep up with the marketplace.

In fact, leading CRM tools like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 help you keep up with the times. With CRM, you evolve together.

Are you ready to discover all of the benefits of investing in a CRM solution and what unique advantages it could bring to your unique operations?

Discover what’s possible here!

And, of course, Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends & family at Ledgeview Partners. We hope it’s sweet!

10 More Reasons We Love CRM

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