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Why do we love CRM?

There are many reasons to love CRM, but these are among the most common that users, admins, and experts alike report.

1. CRM Gives Us 360-Degree Customer Views

CRM systems are outstanding in terms of helping businesses gain 360-degree views of their customers. Leading CRM technology gives salespeople a leg up on their competition by providing key customer information.

An effective CRM tool lets your salespeople…

  • Store customer contact information
  • Identify sales opportunities with new business or opportunities to cross-sell and upsell to existing business
  • See open support tickets and history
  • Manage marketing campaigns
  • And much more!

2. CRM Helps Us Streamline Our Business Processes

CRM enables teams to streamline and standardize their workflows and processes. Once you implement CRM, CRM operates at the core of your business functionality.

This means that it acts as one central hub for your operation, giving you clear insight into your business processes, strategies, and enabling your teams to collaborate and align more effectively, which brings us to…

3. CRM Improves Cross-Departmental Collaborations and Alignment

Especially between sales and marketing, CRM helps teams to align and collaborate more effectively since it acts as one source of information.

Everything is visible and clear within the system. It gives individuals a clearer view of how they can work together to drive success and see what is and isn’t working.

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4. CRM Improves Business Relationships

CRM helps us to improve our business relationships, not just internally, but externally as well with:

  • Vendors
  • Partners
  • Customers
  • Shareholders
  • Prospects
  • Leads
  • Referrals
  • Donors
  • Contributors
  • Members
  • And much more!

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5. CRM Improves Customer Retention

We are nothing without our customers, right? CRM helps us to maintain and improve retention over time. How? In many ways!

CRM allows us to store key information and insights into the customer and their experiences. We can see their history, preferences, and information at any given moment.

Everything is accessible in one main hub, which gives us the opportunity to solve customer concerns quicker and get ahead of their needs, as salespeople, to propose new services or products that may benefit them.

We can also connect with them on social media better with CRM technology and corresponding apps and integrations, as well as give them a self-service portal to solve their own concerns, which we know is the preferred method today!

ZenDesk reported that, “Studies of customer feedback tell us that more and more customers prefer self-service over contacting a support agent; and as our infographic illustrates, a whopping 91% say they would use a knowledge base if it met their needs.”

That’s a staggering number and mustn’t be ignored! CRM is a great way to meet this modern customer demand, but this is really just the start of the benefits that CRM offers your customers.

6. CRM Cuts Down on Manual Tasks with Automation

Are you currently distributing weekly reports manually? Do you need more focus on your core job function, but lack the time and resources? Get it back with CRM!

CRM helps you cut down on manual tasks that hold you back from achieving more. With CRM, you can focus on the core of your job functionality. Click To Tweet

This means a quicker and more effective turnaround for every department in your business. Whether or not everyone is a user, everyone who is a part of your business operation will be affected by CRM in some way once you implement and adopt it.

7. CRM Creates Business-Wide Transparency

Honesty is a key component of any relationship - in CRM, it's no different! One great feature of leading technology today is that you gain clear insight into all processes and information stored within the system. Click To Tweet

There is only “one version of the truth.” Not many relationships give this guarantee today, but with CRM, it almost is so long as you take the time to care for and update it!

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8. CRM Helps Us Measure What Gets Done vs. What We Want to Get Done

Ah, if only a shared calendar between you and your partner was as easy to track! (Right?)

In CRM, users can clearly see what’s been achieved compared to what they want to achieve to help them keep on track and focus. Goal tracking and setting is managed much easier within leading CRM technology, and helps managers see where they can help individuals more on the path to success.

This creates accountability for both individuals and managers.

9. CRM Boosts Sales

Since CRM helps us to streamline our business processes and shorten the sales cycle, it also helps to boost revenue. Production costs are also reduced as a result.

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More and more organizations, big or small, turn to CRM to produce more effective outcomes today.

10. CRM is Forever

Once you implement it, it should be, at least. Though you’ll go through changes along the way, you will adapt, grow, evolve, and develop in harmony.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship!

Discover what a business relationship with CRM can offer you here.

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