Ledgeview Partners 10 Spooky CRM Facts

Have you ever found it difficult to approach the subject of implementing a CRM system within your organization because of fear of lacking executive sponsorship?

This is a common fear users face and even suffer from post implementation when management still isn’t involved!

Certainly, we don’t want this to happen at your organization. This post walks you through some seriously spooky facts about CRM’s effectiveness in 2019 to shock your boss with.

Get them on board the CRM bandwagon this year! Pass these incredible facts along to empower your team to succeed with leading CRM technology.

1. “Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market worldwide is projected to grow by US $204.3 billion, guided by a compounded growth of 52.8%.” (“Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts”, 2019)

2. “91% of businesses with 10 or more employees now use CRM software.” (CRM Magazine, 2019)

3. “The average return on investment a company using CRM has is $8.71 for every dollar spent.” (Nucleus Research, 2018)

4. “CRM software can increase sales conversion rates by up to 300%.” (Cloudswave, 2019)

5. “65% of companies adopt a CRM system within their first five years of business.” (Nutshell, 2019)

6.  “Effective sales organizations are 87% more likely to be consistent users of CRM or another system record.” (Nutshell, 2019)

7. “47% of CRM users said their CRM had a significant impact on customer retention and satisfaction.” (Nutshell, 2019)

8. “74% of CRM software users said their CRM gave them improved access to customer data.” (Nutshell, 2019)

9. “24% more sales reps achieve their annual sales quota with mobile access to their CRM.” (Nutshell, 2019)

10. “13% of companies say that investing in a CRM system is a top priority for their sales team in 2019.” (G2Research, 2019)

Which of these Spooky Facts About CRM’s Effectiveness do you think will shock (or at least surprise) your boss the most?

If these impressive stats still don’t convince decision-makers at your company to start the CRM research and awareness phase that comes before implementation, use our Featured Resources to guide your conversation!

Together with your executive sponsors, you can start to affect the positive change your organization is capable of, using leading technology like CRM to succeed.

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