Sales and Marketing Alignment borderSales and Marketing Alignment is a hot topic in business today. You likely have heard the phrase “Sales is From Mars, Marketing is From Venus”, but even if we come from different planets, our goals (should) take us together towards a single destination. The Customer.

The topic surrounding the alignment between marketing and sales is not new. If you do a quick google search you will have an ample supply of blogs, white papers, webinars and more that are dedicated to the topic.

Our marketing automation partners at Act-On Software dug deep and through a lot of fluff to put together a great comprehensive list of statistics. These “fast facts” come from research on how companies are both thriving and struggling when it comes to aligning their sales and marketing efforts.

These statistics are listed in no particular order on this list, but many may ring true with your current efforts (or lack of).

Sales and Marketing Alignment 10 Fast Facts:

  1. Companies with aligned sales and marketing departments are 20% more likely to use marketing automation than non-aligned companies. (Ascend2, 2015)

  2. Among organizations that use both marketing automation and CRM as part of an integrated technology stack, 74% reported aligned sales and marketing teams. (DemandGen, 2015)

  3. 56% of aligned organizations met their revenue goals, and 19% beat their goals. Among misaligned organizations, by comparison, just 37% met their revenue goals, and just 7% beat them. (Act-On Sales & Marketing Alignment Survey, 2015)

  4. Sales and marketing alignment delivers, on average, a 36% improvement in customer retention and 38% higher sales-win rates – and it accomplishes this feat by improving only half of the end-to-end customer lifecycle. (Act-On/Gleanster,“The New Stewards Of The Customer Relationship,” 2015)

  5. Almost three out of four organizations report some degree of alignment, and 17% describe themselves as “completely aligned.” (Act-On Sales & Marketing Alignment Survey, 2015)

  6. 81% of the companies that beat their revenue goals describe their sales and marketing groups as “somewhat” or “completely” aligned. (Act-On Sales & Marketing Alignment Survey, 2015)

  7. Misaligned firms were more than twice as likely to report sales and/or marketing budget cuts. Conversely, aligned organizations were 50% more likely to say they expect their budgets to increase. (Act-On Sales & Marketing Alignment Survey, 2015)

  8. Aligned organizations achieve up to 19% faster revenue growth – and 15% higher profitability than other companies. (SiriusDecisions, 2015)

  9. Demand generation and sales training teams report the least alignment around asset/content development (34.6%) and analytics/metrics (31.8%), and the most alignment around conversion strategy (55.8%). (Corporate Visions, 2014)

  10. Among those survey respondents with a formally agreed-upon sales/marketing definition of what constitutes a qualified lead, 29.8% claim a lead conversion rate (to opportunities) of over 75%. Only 18.2% of firms lacking an agreed-upon definition boasted conversion rates at that level. (CSO Insights’ 2014 “Sales Performance Optimization” Study)

These statistics really make you think – and hopefully strive to make adjustments at your organization.

If you like these stats (and you should), download the complete eBookFast Facts – An Amazing Compendium of Marketing & Sales Statistics” that feature valuable research on:

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