Important Marketing Automation Statistics for Marketers in 2019

Marketing automation is a very comprehensive topic in the field of marketing and technology.

With the variety of technologies to choose from and sub-topics to dive into, it’s no wonder more and more data surfaces on the subject.

Marketing automation, simply, refers to software platforms and technologies that are designed for marketing teams and organizations to more effectively market to their target audiences through multiple channels while allowing for the automation of tasks. 

Marketing automation also lets users connect with other platforms, like CRM, making it a more holistic solution department-wide.

As the marketplace changes, there is information and data to be aware of as you move forward with your solution and how you approach it in 2019 … offers a plethora of statistics to be mindful of as a marketer concerned with the state of marketing automation this year.

Salesforce State of Marketing Report

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  1. “Salesforce’s ‘State of Marketing Report’ showed that 67% of marketing leaders use a marketing automation platform.” The report also showed that “over the next 2 years, an additional 21% of marketing leaders plan to use a marketing automation platform.”
  2. “According to Walker Sands’ 2017 ‘State of Marketing Technology 2017’ report, 9 out of 10 marketers (88%) use more than one martech tool on a regular basis …” The report also showed that “more than half of marketers (56%) think the martech industry is evolving faster than their company’s use of martech.”
  3. “SharpSpring’s ‘Investor Presentation Jan. 2018’ showed that the U.S. marketing automation software industry was a $3.3 billion marketing in 2017, growing 30%+ annually.”

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  4. “Marketo and Ascend2 reported that 63% of companies successful in martech plan to increase their marketing automation report in a 2015 survey.”
  5. “VB Insight’s 2015 report on ‘Marketing Automation, how to make the right buying decision’ showed that the majority of users think marketing automation is worth the cost.”
  6. “An August 2015 study from Ascend2 showed that marketing automation is used by 42% of companies.”

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  7. “A Forrester ‘Marketing Automation Technology Forecast’ showed that spending for marketing automation will grow vigorously over the next few years, reaching $25.1 billion annually by 2023 from $11.4 billion in 2017.”
  8. “Lead MD’s ‘2017 Marketing Maturity Benchmark Report’ showed that 27% of companies say they are at a marketing automation maturity level: ‘New’.”
  9. “A 2016 report from Ascend2 called, ‘Marketing Automation Trends Survey’ showed that 63% of companies outsource all or part of their marketing automation strategy planning while 51% uses a combination of outsourced and in-house services. Meanwhile, 12% outsourced all to a specialist, and 37% used only in-house resources.”

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  10. “ and Spotler’s ‘E-Commerce Marketing Trendrapport’ from 2019 showed that 64% of e-Commerce marketers said email marketing and marketing automation contributed to more sales.”
  11. “In a 2017 report from Lianna Technologies, users reported that marketing automation led to an improved customer experience (45.9%), improved quality of leads (37.7%), and increased number of leads (34.9%).”

Are you currently using marketing automation technology to support your business objectives?

Whether you answer yes or no to this question, we hope this post inspires you to dive deeper into the system to take advantage of it in full capacity.

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