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The second question to ask yourselves about selecting a marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is: Is it easy to implement and use?

Of course, with any new technology, there will be a learning curve, but, overall, users should be excited about adopting the system.

How do you get them excited about marketing automation technology from the beginning?

First, you want to be sure, during the selection process, that the technology does not sacrifice simplicity for functionality. Even the most user-friendly platforms will require training and support at first. New is new!

While it is imperative that a marketing automation solution have a robust feature set to accommodate the complex needs of your team, it should suit the best of both worlds.

The marketing automation solution you select should come equipped with a feature set that benefits and encourages your marketing team’s agenda, and doesn’t make it more difficult. The same applies to how it effects your sales and customer service teams.

You may face some growing pains, but they should be moving through a positive pathway.

Marketing automation technology that isn’t user-friendly or cross-departmentally beneficial is unlikely to be adopted, much less gain high and continuous adoption from the beginning.

An unfriendly marketing automation platform defeats one of the main purposes of implementing a marketing automation system – to create more efficiencies and make processes simpler for your team. Every team wants these outcomes, right?

On a similar note, if marketing automation technology is difficult to implement, users will easily become discouraged, which will prevent your organization from realizing its maximum ROI (return on investment) as a result.

Users should feel empowered by the possibility of this new integration!

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