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The third question to ask yourselves about selecting a marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is: What are the training and support options?

Despite system friendliness, new users will still require training and support to become acclimated to your new marketing automation solution.

When you’re in the evaluation process of selecting a marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365, you should carefully consider what is available to you.

Analyzing training and support options at the beginning of the selection process may also help you avoid unforeseen costs in the future.

Keep in mind, different users have different preferred learning methods.

Since individuals’ learning processes vary, having different training and support options is crucial, whether your prospective vendor supplies webinars, online training courses, blogs, case studies, or help articles to support your adoption process.

This variety will not only help accommodate different learning styles, but different user schedules.

Consider your hours of operation compared to theirs. For example, there may be significant implications or lagging adoption as a result of selecting a vendor in a different time zone.

An effective marketing automation vendor should suit your team’s needs in these ways.

When you find one that has these attributes, it will reflect that they don’t only fit your style, but ensure that you will be up and running quickly with the new technology!

Learn more about what to look for in a marketing automation vendor to complement your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment.

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