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Salesforce Summer ’18 brought some new and exciting features to the table, or should we say organization?

You can take advantage of these updates in your day-to-day processes as Users and Admins.

Here are some things you can now do with Views and Filter Logic in Salesforce Summer ’18 you weren’t able to do with previous versions …

1. Change Your View
Tasks allow you to do more in Salesforce Summer ’18. You’ll appreciate the capabilities of being able to change your display as …

  • Table – This is your Standard View.
  • Kanban – Reps view tasks by status, and can drag and drop to change status with the Kanban option.
  • Split View – Reps can still see the Full List of Tasks, even when things have been drilled down into one task.

2. Detailed Filters in List Views are Part of the Lightning Experience
You’ll love being able to take advantage of all of the New Detailed Filters on ListViews in the Salesforce Lightning Experience with the release of Summer ’18. New filters you will see include …

  • Accounts by Territory
  • Accounts, Cases, and Opportunities by Teams
  • Contacts by Campaign
  • Leads by Queue and Campaign
  • Opportunities by Territory ***This is only available for the original Territory Management feature.
  • Custom Objects by Queue

3. Inline Editing is Now while Using Filter Logic
You can make edits while filtering in Salesforce Summer ’18, which makes your processes more efficient and eliminates a lot of back and forth.

Are you interested in learning more about the exciting updates with Salesforce Summer ’18?

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Watch “What’s New in the Salesforce Summer ’18 Release” by Ledgeview Partners to see how to use all of Salesforce’s new features here.

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