3 Salesforce Partner Tools Salesforce Admins Should Know About

There are many great Salesforce Partner Tools you can download via either the partner websites or through the Salesforce App Exchange.

We will explore a few of our favorite Salesforce Partner Tools to give you insight into the options you may not know are at your disposal as a Salesforce Admin:

Salesforce Partner Tools

  1. Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries Tool

This tool allows you to create some rollup fields you normally couldn’t with a standard type of rollup in Salesforce.

For example, with the Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries Tool, you could count the number of cases related to a contact, identify the number of active cases relevant to a specific contact, and more.

There is a lot more functionality with this tool than the basic standard rollup field in Salesforce. You can really do a lot more, filter it down, create other types of rollups that don’t have a master detailed relationship, etc.

This tool allows you to create complex relationships between your different objects in Salesforce.

The example image (above) shows how this tool helps you to define a content record, with cases below and rolling up the number of cases to the specific field.

You can set it up in real time or batch mode. You can get very complex with it as far as filtering to just active cases, for example.

It goes beyond the standard Salesforce rollup and gets technical. Overall, this tool offers a lot more flexibility to Salesforce Admins.

Salesforce Partner Tools

  1. Mass Update and Mass Edit From List View

With the Mass Update and Mass Edit From List View tool, you can go and quickly modify specific records in a grid-like style, Excel-like style.

So, instead of having to either go one-by-one or do this out-of-the-box standard editing in the view, this one takes it to the next level, allowing Salesforce Admins an easier way to modify things on the fly.

This tool allows you to quickly modify values in a specific view.

Once you select specific records, click mass edit, and you will be redirected to an Excel-style grid. Modify your records as you need to once you get to that screen.

You can quickly update information, click save, then go behind the scenes to submit the record.

Salesforce will check your validation rules, so watch out for that, but, overall, is a great tool.

Salesforce Partner Tools

  1. JitterBit Cloud Data Loader – Free Version

JitterBit is a cool partner tool as far as being able to import or export data in and out of Salesforce, and being able to do it quickly while managing the data inside the tool.

JitterBit is more visual than the standard Salesforce data loader tool. It makes it easier to see complex mappings you may have done.

Jitterbit allows you to define where you are pulling data from, where you’re putting it into Salesforce, and will show you the mapping of specific operations, which is very beneficial to Salesforce Admins. It’s a lot easier to manage data in JitterBit than in the standard Salesforce data loader.

The tool is free if you’re connecting with a CSV (comma-separated values) or flat file, but there is a paid version if you want to connect JitterBit with other databases.

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