3 Tools You Should Use to Personalize Your Cross Channel Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to Cross-Channel Personalization in your Marketing Automation System or overall marketing strategy, there are key tools you should be using to help you succeed in your efforts.

We will walk you through these simple tools to create a more effective strategy. Here’s where to start:

1. Using Technology to Personalize

Having the proper technology in place to execute a cross-channel personalization strategy is a key to success.

At the heart of that effort is a Marketing Automation (MA) and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

You may also need or have other technologies that enhance this effort including your social platforms, website CMS, and E-commerce application, among others.

These tools will play a role in either the collection or surfacing the personalization.

Marketing Automation

While your marketing automation tool will store contact data, it is really the execution engine for the personalization.

It will be the tool used to create your targeted list segments, send your email and nurture campaigns, create personalized landing pages and monitor website behaviors.

The CRM is the “house” for the profile data about your customers (who they are, what they purchased, what their sales stage is, etc.).

This data will be combined with your Marketing Automation behavioral data to create strong segmentation profiles.

The key to success is not only having these systems but having a centralized and connected system to pass information from one system to another. The data between systems should be connected and up to date.

2. Understanding your Customer Segments & Data ManagementMarketing Campaign Automation Cross Channel Personalization Technology

Understanding your customer segments is a critical step in the personalization process.

You need to really know your customer segments, understand the needs, wants and desires of each segment and also understand what the sales triggers are for each segment to understand how they are moving through the sales funnel and becoming “sales-ready”.

Why is this critical? Understanding this will help you target the right messaging, the right content at the right time to the right people. 

In addition, defining your customer segments will help you to define what type of data needs to be collected about your contacts to execute personalization.

Is job title, industry, account type and organizational size important for your customers or prospects?  What about past purchase history, buying frequency or website behavior?

Knowing your customer profile will help you to define what you data sets need to be collected and maintained within your organization.

3. Using Marketing Automation Technology to Personalize

With the right technology place and a strong understanding of our target segments, it’s time to put your Marketing Automation and CRM technology to work.

While opportunities are ample, there are four core areas where Marketing Automation and CRM can help you to personalize your marketing.

To find out what these core areas are, and get a fuller scope of the possibilities with Cross-Channel Marketing, watch Ledgeview’s free on-demand resource, “Enabling Cross-Channel Personalization.”

The whole team can benefit from cross-channel personalization within your Marketing Automation system and overall marketing strategy.

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