Consider a CRM Analysis

There are many reasons organizations should consider a CRM analysis at any project stage.

Analysis services focus on the “what” and “why” to provide a vision and roadmap for the broader CRM strategy.

There is a common misconception that only organizations that are new to CRM benefit from a business analysis, but business analyses benefit organizations at every level of CRM involvement.

These are among the most common reasons a business may opt to complete an analysis with their CRM partner in the middle of a CRM project or further down the line once it’s implemented and has been in use with your organization for a time.

1. Your company is on a much older CRM version or is looking to migrate from On-premises to the Cloud

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A business analysis can help you sort out your processes and how they might change with different updates, upgrades, and enhancements as you go. Business analyses can help you prepare to succeed with CRM.

Analyses address the best way to redesign CRM as changes to the technology occur so that your company can get rid of any unnecessary and unsupported customizations.

Ultimately, this will help you leverage out-of-the-box features to the best of your ability. This is one of the great reasons that businesses consider a CRM analysis.

2. A new department or business unit is considering using CRM

If the sales side of your business currently uses CRM, and now another group wants to use it, for example, marketing, customer service, support, etc., your organization will benefit from conducting an analysis to help determine alignment, vision, consistency and user experience.

A business analysis evaluates current statement future state processes, and alignment strategies to determine how integrating more departments will impact the current CRM and its future state.

Business executives discussing in a meeting at office3. User adoption is poor

Poor user adoption often happens to companies who are new to the CRM space, but also oftentimes because the original project didn’t fully consider the user experience.

If you aren’t getting the CRM adoption you wanted or expected, doing a business analysis with a partner that specializes in business process engineering and the end-user experience will benefit your collaborations.

If user adoption is poor, a thorough business analysis will help you determine what may be causing this.

This is a restart approach to your CRM space.

You don’t lose the overall investment, and have a chance to really become reinvigorated with it again…

4. Your company is undergoing an acquisition

If your company is acquiring another and you want to bring them into CRM, a business analysis will help ensure that your whole team is approaching CRM like-mindedly.

It’s important that all new and existing employees understand your CRM processes and functionality in the same way. You may also find that this is an ideal time to revise, enhance, or refine your CRM strategy.

A thorough analysis will help you determine your next steps.

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