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Without a digital presence, you are nonexistent as an organization. It may sound harsh, but that’s the reality of digital marketing today.

Companies need an effective social media strategy to thrive on the Web.

Whether your goal is to attract a younger audience or new audience, most everyone is a part of the digital world in some way in 2018 and the statistics don’t lie:

According to HootSuite, a leading social media management platform, there are 7.593 billion social media users worldwide.

In America, there has been a 3% growth (+23 million) in internet users from January 2017 to 2018, and an 8% growth (+49 million) in social media users. The number of active mobile social media users is even higher at a 9% growth (+46 million).

The demand for content is high, and brands have to keep up to stay on the radar.

What Ledgeview really wants you to keep in mind, however, is how each specific platform’s growth contributes to your social media strategy during summer 2018.

Facebook is still social media’s leader, with over 2 billion users, while YouTube ranks second at 1.5 billion, following with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Instagram follows with 800 million users, Tumblr at 794 million, Twitter at 330 million, and LinkedIn at 260 million.

Digital experts anticipate these numbers continuing to grow in coming years.

How can you create a presence that follows and grows with the hype? Keep ahead of the curve. Don’t let your brand get left behind.

Follow these simple tips to put your social media marketing efforts back on track for summer 2018:

Ledgeview Partners Marketing Consulting Services1. Create Goals that Reflect Your Biggest Social Media Challenges:

To get started with a social media strategy reboot, you must know what challenges you are currently facing or where you are lacking.

Whether you know you need more content to push out on social media or are ignoring a platform you should be thriving on, it’s important to pay attention to your company’s and customers’ needs with social media.

Make sure your goals reflect what your organization and industry and customers need from you on the Web.

Establish your reputation as a leading source of information and resources within your industry. Don’t give your audience a reason to click away!

Consider your Lead Generation and Conversion efforts. Which platform has produced the best results for you? How can you amp things up with that platform to increase your ROI?

Where is the heart of your industry beating on the Web? Do you have a presence there?

Consider both sales and marketing when you create your goals.

2. Know Your Audience

As mentioned above, it’s critical you know where your audience is.

You don’t want to spend all of your time and efforts on Twitter, for example, while the audience you are trying to target is actually actively spending most of their social media time on LinkedIn.

Don’t waste your time. Focus your efforts. It’s better as an organization to be very good at one platform than mediocre at every platform.

Diversifying your efforts will not necessarily produce higher results.

You must know what audiences you’re speaking to on every platform. They are likely not consistent. Know how to talk to them on every platform you are active on.

Research demographics. Know your target audience. Speak to them uniquely. Reach them appropriately when you identify them exactly.

Be a smart social media marketer. Don’t play guessing games. The data is out there – use it!

Ledgeview Marketing Services3. Pay Attention to Competitors

Sometimes, the best way to create your strategy or launch a strategy reboot is to identify what you like about what your competitors are doing.

For example, if your brand has a heavy focus on Instagram, identify what you like about your competitor’s strategy by asking some of the following questions:

  • Is it how the images flow together?
  • Is it how they speak to their audience in their captions?
  • What about their usage of hashtags?
  • Is it their focus on brand promotions and retail or e-commerce sales in balance with lifestyle imagery?

Identify the elements you want and the elements you are lacking.

Devise a strategy to create the elements you need, whether that means hiring a social media or digital marketing consultant or freelancer to set you on the right path, or following relevant professional blogs that give you the tips and research you need that your team currently doesn’t have time to collect on your own.

Do you need a new Google SEO strategy to rank higher than your competitors?

Know your industry to know your business and what it’s lacking with social media and digital development.

Enable yourselves to thrive with thoughtful consideration of your process.

4. Be an Industry Influencer

Create engaging content for your consumers and target audience.

The best way to set yourself up for success with content creation is to think from the mind of the consumer.

Build themes for each platform. Start with 3-month plans. Consider investing in video content on Facebook and Instagram to gage higher impression and engagement ratings.

Finally, when you put content out there, don’t miss your marks on audience engagement!

Respond to user comments and questions in a timely, empathetic and involved manner to keep them involved and encourage them to involve their own networks.

Be on the front lines. Be a brand worth following.

Are you unsure about how to talk to your social media audiences or where you should be investing your time in social media?

Do you need help with your marketing or digital marketing strategy? Let Ledgeview help with our Marketing Consulting Services!

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