4 Core Areas to Use in CRM and Marketing Automation to Help Personalize Your Marketing

There are four core areas where Marketing Automation and CRM can help you to personalize your marketing campaigns.

Whether you already have these solutions in place or are researching some you are interested in, these tips are applicable across the board, for a variety of individuals and industries.

The benefits of Marketing Automation and CRM for personalizing your marketing campaigns are undeniable. Consider the possibilities of these custom personalizations:

  1. Email Personalization

The use of your CRM data combined with intelligence & technology from your Marketing Automation System provides a terrific opportunity to create email messaging that is relevant, targeted and appropriate for your defined customer segments.

Use information such as past purchases, web page searches on your page, past blog articles read, as well as customer field attributes to create dynamic messaging.

Providing your customers with an email that is tailored to them will help drive your engagement rates and also increase the likelihood of maintaining engagement over time.

  1. Nurture Personalization

One of the most exciting opportunities of a nurture campaign strategy provides is the ability to segment with context.

Based on the behaviors and interactions that your contact has with you, you can automate “branching” to send your contacts down different paths.

For example, maybe you have an event interest page for an upcoming conference.

The landing page and form encourages contacts to register for event updates, speakers announcements, etc.

The leads generated from this form will be put into a list segment for “event interest”. You can then establish a lead nurturing campaign for this list with the ultimate goal of turning that interested list into event attendees.

The first email that goes out announces the latest speakers secured for the conference and also provides a CTA to register for the event.

You can create branching in your Marketing Automation system based on the behaviors of the email: one branch for those that did not open the email, a second branch for those that clicked on the CTA but did not fill out the registration form and a third branch for those that clicked the CTA and filled out the registration form.

Each of these branches will contain a different secondary message based on the action that they took.

You would then continue this personalized messaging based on subsequent behaviors and that action that you desire.

  1. Landing Page Personalization

Marketing AutomationIn this scenario, let’s say you have a lead that has registered for an eBook you had on your website.

Her name is Robyn, and she works at ABC Manufacturing. All of this information lives in her lead record in CRM.

When she visits a landing page on your website or clicks a link in a follow up email you send her, you can target the messaging on the landing page that you created in your Marketing Automation platform for an upcoming conference you would like her to register for, including visuals that resonate with it, and customized calls to action.

This example is based on persona information, but you can also dynamically deliver content based on behavior, for example, personalized messaging about content they may like based on previous downloads, whether they attended a webinar or not, or if they watched a new product video.

  1. Form Personalization

The ability of a marketing automation platform to execute Progressive Profiling is key to creating form personalization.

Progressive Profiling allows us to personalize our forms and enhance our system data. Progressive profiling uses dynamic forms to gradually gather demographic data and preferences over time.

Rather than asking a prospect to fill out a form with 15 required fields, you may only ask three to four questions initially and use subsequent forms to gather the additional data you need.

The benefits of doing this include enhanced lead intelligence over time, and increases in form conversion rates and a better overall user experience.

Now you’re ready to start your personalization journey!

Through the adoption and execution of technology, today’s marketer has been given the opportunity to create personalized experiences at scale.

The execution of this personalized marketing will involve harnessing the power of two core technologies – Marketing Automation and CRM.

Whether you already have those technologies in place or are considering the adoption of these powerful tools, start small and find one way to try a more personalized marketing approach by leveraging the technology available to you.

Analyze that effort, learn from it and expand on it to create additional experiences for your customer groups!

If you want to get started with a CRM Solution for your business today, contact Ledgeview. We’re here and eager to help!

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