4 Key Health and Wellness Tips for Managers to Lead with in 2019

4 Key Health and Wellness Tips for Managers to Lead with in 2019

Are you a leader or manager who is preparing for the 2019 calendar year?

Whether we are talking financially, physically, or, even emotionally, it’s important to keep the health and wellness of your team top of mind as you begin to implement and enforce your 2019 strategies and structure.

It’s a chance to start fresh for most individuals personally, and professionally, so what better time to lay the ground for a healthier culture than now?

Popular business publications like Forbes magazine have said time and time again that companies that prioritize with the health and well-being of their employees set themselves up for growth and success, boosting their bottom lines.

Debra Wein, Forbes Contributor and Founder of Wellness Workdays, says, “Employees who are healthy spend less money on health care and are more productive and engaged. They miss fewer days from work and are less likely to get injured on the job.

A culture of health boosts morale and retention rates and will help you attract top talent.”

Wein also says a company culture that focuses on the mental, physical, financial, emotional, and social health of their employees improve their organization’s customer service, overall effectiveness, and boost interdepartmental collaborations, which leads to better client outcomes.

Wellness is a spectrum, not a silo.

So, what can you do as a manager to re-enforce these values, leading your team into the new year?

Here are just a few ways to add doses of health and wellness to their everyday routines.

1. Issue Regular Health and Wellness Memos

Especially during the wintertime, it can be difficult for individuals to put their health first if you live in a four-season climate.

While it may be easier for most individuals to fall under the covers, lose activity levels, and over-indulge in holiday leftovers, it’s important, as managers, for you to redirect your team members back to a healthy balance despite harsh weather conditions.

It’s not about punishing your employees in a parental-like manner but dropping tips and advice in their inboxes on a regular schedule that makes them feel excited and supported with their personal paths to wellness.

2. Talk About Health and Wellness
Have an open conversation in your work environment. Lay the ground for it. When employees feel secure and safe in their work environments, they are more likely to feel motivated to get things done.

Foster a culture of mutual respect from manager to employee. This doesn’t mean being best friends, but, often, offering an open door policy or outlet for support.

For example, HR may offer monthly reminders that redirect your team to services under their insurance such as talk therapy.

Awareness of external outlets helps to solidify a culture of health and wellness. Learn to respond to your team’s needs by asking for their input on current health and wellness initiatives, and what they would like or could use more of.

3. Create a Strong Health and Wellness Team
Do you currently have a health and wellness program within your company? If you do, fantastic! If not, it’s time to hop on board.

A strong health and wellness team should consist of cross-departmental team members that can represent the needs of their segmented groups, and bring innovative, empowering ideas to the table.

Your health and wellness team and initiatives should not only support a positive internal motif but an external one, too. When your culture rocks, people can’t help but spread the word and share about their own experiences!

Forbes reports that a recent study from the Capital Group found that 82% of millennials (anyone born between 1981 and 1996) say it’s important for companies to promote the health and wellness of their consumers and employees in their investment portfolio. That is no number to ignore!

4. Live your Philosophies
Your team members know when you’re being dishonest, whether by action or heart, so whatever values you choose to implement as part of your 2019 health and wellness program, be sure they are realistic, genuine, and reflective of your employees’ wants and needs.

If you need to start small with promoting health and wellness within your organization, then work your way up, that is more than okay. No health or wellness journey is exactly alike by an individual or organization.

Be genuine no matter what, and treat others with their respect and you will earn their respect, are two of the many important values we live every day at Ledgeview Partners, for example.

In addition, we offer our employees health benefits and monthly salad bar days and healthy snacks as part of our own Health and Wellness program.

Learn more about Ledgeview’s team and culture when you visit our “About Us” page.

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