Are you looking for more ways to engage your salespeople during any and every stage of your CRM project?

Here are some of our top tips for lasting success.

1. Have a place for salespeople to submit changes, requests, and ideas

When communicating down and implementing ideas is done well, it’s great, but if change management processes are neglected or missed, your salespeople’s user adoption is sure to be too.

Don’t fear feedback! Embrace it and use it to guide your system’s journey.

2. Setup a process for idea approval

Will ideas go to the leadership team for approval? CRM professionals or admins? Power users?

You decide who the decision-maker is when it comes to effecting changes in CRM. Ensure those who should be involved are.

3. Make ideas visible to everyone

Ensure that everyone who is using CRM in your organization has clear visibility into the ideas, requests, and changes that are being submitted so no one is blindsided when something goes through and there is a majority agreement.

This will also help everyone see their status.

You want your team to feel ready for upcoming changes. This is a group effort – the weight shouldn’t be on one person’s shoulders!

Don’t let communication fall to the wayside. Communication is pertinent for your sales team’s success with CRM and for your organization’s success as a whole.

Over-communication is better than no communication at all. Change management should be a number one consideration throughout your CRM project’s lifetime.

4. Document everything

Don’t just document training or how you’re training. Document every change you’re making in the system! Decide how you will keep track of this.

Will you use CRM? SharePoint? Microsoft Excel?

Three years from now, you won’t remember why you added a field to a form, so as your system updates, you will want to remember the “why” so you can properly plan for the future of your CRM project’s success.

If you’re struggling to get your sales team on board the CRM bandwagon, replay the webinar, “Customizing CRM for the Difficult Salesperson.”

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