Ledgeview Partners Social Media Marketing TipsAs a B2B marketer working in the current business climate, LinkedIn SlideShare has some serious benefits when you’re looking to gain credibility as a leading expert in your industry, boost brand awareness, create new leads and opportunities, and more.

According to GSW, LinkedIn SlideShare garners 60 million unique visits per month, and 215 million page views per month, overall.

If this isn’t enough information to get your marketing engine running with the platform, here are TK more benefits of joining and using LinkedIn SlideShare to drive growth …

Leveraging LinkedIn SlideShare to Drive Success

1. B2Bs are Positioned as Experts, Leading Audiences to Become Customers
LinkedIn reports that SlideShare’s main demographic is composed of B2B users, seeking high-quality content to leverage success within their own business and industry.

This in mind, as a B2B marketer, you can use LinkedIn SlideShare to help provide an education and lead new audiences to your website for more help.

As more website conversions build, you are likely to transfer new audiences from your LinkedIn SlideShare network to your lead database and help your sales team convert these leads into customers by seeding them more information that pertains to the initial inquiry they had with you on SlideShare.

SlideShare is one of the first steps B2B users take to learn more about the tools they need to succeed to grow their business, and, by participating in LinkedIn SlideShare, you have the opportunity to position yourself as the foremost expert.

Remember, SlideShare gets over 60 million unique visits per month.

Imagine the potential, and then you can start to create a content marketing strategy around this information within the platform.

The possibilities of driving traffic to your website, and getting more leads, are tremendous with SlideShare.

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2. Hashtags can be Leveraged to Drive Success

As we have expressed in previous posts, the power of hashtags is huge with LinkedIn now, and the same applies to its sub-platform, SlideShare.

When you use the right hashtags, you can easily attract the right customers. Know what tags your target audience is using and following, and you are bound to see your engagement rates grow.

Learn more about using hashtags to drive success with LinkedIn here.

Leveraging LinkedIn SlideShare

3. Flexibility with Content Types Leads to Higher Engagements

A fun way to leverage Linkedin SlideShare to drive growth is by creating your slides in unique ways.

So, for example, while you may have formerly stuck to how-to guides or those are the first ideas that pop into your head, or perhaps even a presentation that is purely promotional and about your company, there are many other ways you can (and should) leverage SlideShare.

Remember, social media is not about social selling but is one big conversation. When you approach your strategy with this mentality, you are more likely to find success.

Users want to engage with content they can relate to and be a part of the story the brand is telling.

Think from your customer’s (or target customer) perspective. They don’t want to hear a sales pitch, so to speak, every time you post.

You can use SlideShare to create terminology flashcards, quizzes where one slide is a question and the next is an answer, and more.

Meet (or exceed) the demands of your target audience! Ask yourself: What do they want to know more about? What will benefit them? What will keep them engaged? What will earn their attention?

You may also compel B2B users to visit your profile and content with dynamic infographics. Don’t be afraid to syndicate content! LinkedIn SlideShare is a great way for you to gain visibility as a brand.

When you think outside the box with LinkedIn SlideShare, you stand out within the platform.

There are many categories users can navigate, and you want to be sure you are earning their attention with unique and relevant content that gets them to click through, hopefully, all the way to your website and “contact us” page.

LinkedIn SlideShare Ledgeview Partners

4. Convert Google Searches to SlideShare Visitors Organically

Did you know that 20% of visitors to SlideShare come directly from Google?

That’s pretty amazing as far as organic searching is considered.

While organic searching is “dead” on other social media platforms, where it matters (on SlideShare) for B2B, it’s still alive and thriving!

LinkedIn Ledgeview Partners

5. Position your Organization and Content to be Featured

LinkedIn features trending slides on its homepage. This sets your company up for some serious opportunity!

It just goes to show and reinforce the fact that spending a lot of time, effort, and energy on your SlideShare content is a worthy investment.

Follow trends, then get ahead of them, and use LinkedIn to get the views and clicks to your website. Set goals, make a plan, then set out and achieve them!

LinkedIn is the place where professional individuals connect to start conversations and shape their careers.

LinkedIn SlideShare is the place where they go to connect their expertise and match business needs with business solutions they can provide.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can leverage or implement different marketing technology to drive success, need help with your marketing strategy and planning, or are looking for top-notch training and support, reach out to Ledgeview for help.

Discover where your marketing plan can go with us!

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