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What does it take to become a successful content marketer in today’s marketplace?

Content comes in an infinite variety, from videos to images to emails to eBooks to whitepapers to web pages, and much more … the consistent objective among these content types is that it should always serve a purpose for your business and your business’ customers.

Content’s purpose should always be to provide insight and education, not act as a sales pitch for every piece.

Despite the value of content marketing, it can be difficult for marketers to adapt to and master. In fact, a recent study from the Content Marketing Institute showed that while most marketers use content marketing tactics to drive business growth, few believe they actually do it well.

What are some ways to start believing in yourselves and produce the quality content you know you’re capable of?

Here are the top four tips to become a successful content marketer:

1. Analyze your customers’ buying processes

The new buyer’s journey has evolved in the past decade to start with the buyer. Control is in their hands. They often know more about your company than you know about them upon first communication.

How do we respond to this new buying dicotomy as marketers?

Consider the stages of the new buyer’s journey to start. They move through the attract, capture, nurture, convert, and expand stages.

As they move, you need to create and share content that addresses each stage appropriately. You want to help lead them to you as much as possible, whenever possible.

2. Understand and segment your audience

This is an effective way to uncover who your target customers are, which helps identify what topics your content should be covering. Start by asking yourselves (in marketing) and your sales team questions like …

  • Who are our ideal prospects and customers?
  • How do they make buying decisions? What are their questions or pain points?
  • What do they perceive as valuable?

As you learn more about outbound marketing (in combination with inbound) throughout your career, you will see how segmenting your audience by persona makes an even greater impact!

3. Identify the right content formula

To do this, you need to be sure your content is doing different things for different customers at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

For instance, during the Attract stage, your content should generate interest in your company and establish you as thought leaders.

In the Capture stage, you will want to stimulate the purchase consideration and position your company as a provider the buyer wants to work with.

During the Nurture stage, you will want to subtly continue to provide information that helps education your buyers on how your product or service addresses their pain points.

In the Convert stage, you will want to provide content that proves you deliver phenomenal customer experiences!

Idenitfying and executing the right content formula will help solidify your business value.

4. Repurpose your content using the rule of fours

Consider you can repurpose content up to four times.

So, for instance, an eBook may be based on a webinar. That eBook could also become a blog and infographic post series.

Providing multiple types of content helps different individuals learn better.

We all learn differently – just like in school, in life people continue to absorb content (knowledge) in different ways.

Be sure to make maximum impact with your knowledge and insight by following a methodology like this! Don’t miss the opportunity to fulfill diverse individuals.

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