As a member of your marketing team, you know with the abundance of content, events, case studies, videos, and more you’re planning, you need a good Project Management software to keep yourselves in check.

Organization is one of the keys to a successful marketing strategy!

Here are some Project Management Tools worth considering to keep your 2018 Marketing Calendar on Track.


Asana comes at three different levels: Free, Premium, and Enterprise. Depending on the number of people you intend to include on the platform and what your team’s objectives are, one version may identify with your business goals better.

The timeline is one of the best features of subscription pricing, along with upgraded calendar and advanced search functionalities.

The Pros of Asana are clear. Asana’s functionalities come together as an extensive project management system that allows team members to delegate and assign tasks, revise timelines, duplicate tasks within projects that your organization may repeat, and more.

Asana offers many apps and integrations, such as with Slack, Everhour, Evernote, Gmail, and more. Plus, there are many resources for training available, among other impressive features.

Asana’s mobile app is impressive as it mirrors how the typical social media platform sends user updates on your Android or Apple device. This part of its user-friendliness makes Asana easy to adopt.

For quick tracking and organized communication, Asana is a flexible, constantly evolving, and efficient tool.

A few Cons of the system are reflected best by comments from the User Community. (In retrospect, what a great thing it is that Asana has a user community to discuss, ask questions, resolve issues, and lead conversation!)

There is currently no option for Desktop Notifications right now. This is one top user complaint.

There is also no ability to create multi-person tasks (i.e. you can only assign one person to a task).


Flow is a visual project management tool that is good for organizations that want to create cohesion through project management.

Group organization is fairly easy to achieve among team members with Flow. With Flow, it is important you assign a Sponsor or Leader of the system to keep everyone on task, whether that’s the Manager or Director of your company or department, or someone else.

Much like with Asana, this project management tool is beneficial for managers to bring up at departmental meetings or one-to-one coaching sessions.

You can use color-coding to organize your tasks, as like with Asana, and see a List or Kanban view. Though there is no free plan, there is a free trial with Flow.

Flow is Mac-friendly. It is easy to delegate tasks, change dates, move timelines, and catch up with tasks with Flow’s intricate features. Like Asana, Flow’s User Interface will remind you of how a social media platform (like Facebook) functions.

Flow’s true advantage over Asana is with its Desktop app and notifications; whereas, Asana currently only has a Chrome extension, unless you integrate the app-building tool in Asana to build your own Asana app for Macs.

Flow is limited with its integrations. Slack is one of the few integrations it allows since its own Chat feature was recently deprecated. Recent links are also not as apparent, despite the “Catch Up” feature.

Though it comes with its own app, by comparison to Asana, Flow is not quite as eye-catching or mobile notification-friendly.


Project Management Marketing ToolTrello is especially good for publishers or content-based teams. Trello presents itself in board style. For those that love lists, Trello might not be your #1 choice as a project management tool.

Trello, on the other hand, does offer integrations with Salesforce, Slack, and GitHub for Business Class or Enterprise subscribers.

While Trello is known for being easy-access with its ability to create shareable public boards, invite outside members, or keep them closed, things can get a bit cluttered in a hurry with Trello, and users have been known to lose track of their tasks, detracting from the organization goal marketers typically have with using a project management tool.

Trello offers a free plan or affordable Business Class or Enterprise plan.

If you use Trello, be sure to assign someone to keep things organized within this project management tool. Within all of these, in fact, it’s important you sit down with your team to develop a system for delegating, organizing, etc.

Project management is never a one-person task! Everyone has to know what’s going on and how information is being inputted and tracked for it to be successful.

There is also no time tracking or overview features in Trello. So, if you like reports or using your project management tool during meetings or one-to-one coaching, Trello may not be for you.


Project Management MarketingFormerly, is a fairly “new” project management tool you’ve probably seen pop up in YouTube video ads lately. allows for easy access and constant monitoring of your team’s goals and tasks. It is easy to customize, much like its prior

The platform is good for collaborating, it’s always there for you, and provides good reporting and analytics. also offers integrations with Dropbox, Zapier, Google Drive, among other sharing and management tools. Its open API allows for individualized integrations.

However, there are a few cons. offers a free trial, but there is no free plan. The Basic plan is affordable for small business at $25/month. 

All projects are viewed as boards in, so, again, for those that love the list view, forget it with

Generally, on a variety of technology and project management review sites, comes in with a positive 80, to 95% average rating.

As a marketer, your options with project management tools may seem overwhelming, but, when it comes down to it the answer is simple.

Through a process of research, trial, and error, you will find the solution you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to try multiple systems! You will discover peace of mind doing so, knowing which tools do and do not work for your team.

Stick with the one you like and allow it to grow with your team and business objectives.

There are many project management tools out there, and the right one really depends on your team’s needs, ability to adapt, and willingness to learn about the platform.

As Marketers, you know you will succeed at what you set your minds to! This is especially true of implementing a Project Management tool within your teams.

What marketing challenges do you need help overcoming?

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