4 Ways to Engage and Build Relationships with Leads [Infographic]

Importance of Building Lead RelationshipsLike new friends that you are getting to know, you will need to also nurture the relationship with those interested in purchasing your product or service.

When creating a lead management program, the marketing team will want to help build this relationship before marketing it as a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and passing it to the sales team.

The marketing team can help to provide the lead with information about your product or services using a variety of digital channels including your company website, social media channels, blog, email communications, etc.

The ideal tools to help streamline these efforts and communications are use of a marketing automation solution and CRM.

With that, the following value can be realized:

  • Establish Thought Leadership
  • Build Trust
  • Understand your leads/prospects wants and needs
  • Understand their research patterns and triggers

4 Ways to Build Engagement

(1) Content Sharing

Create a blog article, white paper, eBook or infographic that addresses a common challenge your leads have and share it.

(2) Send Personalized Email

Send a targeted email campaign that focuses on educating the lead on a given area of interest.

(3) Help Your Leads

Create a “how to” video for your product or service or host a webinar series on a relevant topic.

(4) Be Accessible

Provide multiple communication paths to reach you. Offer online chat for immediate responses to questions.

Here is a handy infographic that ties all this great information together that you can share with members of your team, company, and network.

If you want to learn more about marketing strategy, marketing automation, or CRM technology and how it can help your sales and marketing engage with your customers, prospects, and leads, visit our Ledgeview Marketing Services webpage for more information or contact us at any time.

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