5 Additional Features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9 You Should Know About

5 Additional Features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9 You Should Know About

The additional new features that come with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM 9.0 are good for end-users. Use them to increase productivity.

  1. Platform Separation

Before, when you started a CRM environment, it came with sales, marketing, and service, even field service, and project service. It was all nestled in there, but behind the scenes, if you wanted to make a change to the service module, you had to regression test the whole platform in order to make a modification.

In 9.0, they have taken all of those out and have made them into apps. Now, sales, marketing, customer service, etc. are all their own apps.

What does that mean for you? Now you can go into a specific app and make a modification, regression test it within that app, and it will not affect your other apps.

It can be a lot quicker in testing and rolling out. It can be agiler in this way.

  1. Virtual Entities

You can have a data set not sitting inside your CRM with Virtual Entities, meaning that you didn’t load it into your CRM, but you can virtually access it.

It can go into your CRM as a list. You can use it in Dashboards or Reports. You can do anything from an analytical standpoint against this data, but the data itself is not directly sitting inside of CRM.

There are some tight restrictions right now on how this would work on the access data. It has to be data version OData Version 4 that you access it through.

Every single record that you’re accessing has to have a unique GUID assigned to it in order for it to be utilized. This is a feature you will have to take a thorough look at, but knowing the basic functionality is a good start.

It’s intriguing, and Microsoft plans to continue to build on this feature.

  1. Enhancements to Social Engagement
5 Additional Features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9 You Should Know About

5 Additional Features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9 You Should Know About

There have only been some minor enhancements made with Social Engagement in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Version 9.

There are more tools available around social selling now. Time to explore the possibilities!

  1. Security Enhancements

The Security Enhancements made in Version 9.0 are simple but effective.

Now within here, you can modify what are the session timeouts, how long it should take before they timeout, and you have more control over the session and timeouts.

  1. Microsoft Flow Integration

You can now integrate with Flow, just like you can run a Workflow on-demand, you can now run a Microsoft Flow on-demand.

In order to use it, you need that Flow within your Office 365 or a separate license, but if you have that, that’s a built-in integration between the two.

  1. Updates to App Designer

This is a more critical tool in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Version 9.0 compared to 8.2. Microsoft keeps adding more features and functionality. It’s easier to look at different things in this version now.

There’s a global view modifier in there that’s pretty nice for end-users, so you don’t have to separately open each view. You can now easily manage all of your views within there.

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