5 Amazing Benefits Salesforce Has for Nonprofits

5 Amazing Benefits Salesforce Has for Nonprofits

When it comes to nonprofit success, the benefits of Salesforce stand out.

Ledgeview has found that one of the most important considerations for nonprofits is that a CRM Solution must be as affordable as it is sound with goal-achievement.

Nonprofits typically have small budgets during their fiscal year and don’t want to waste thousands and thousands of dollars in a system that produces little to no value.

When it comes to a CRM Solution, nonprofits must be especially mindful of cost, but Salesforce makes it work.

Though nonprofits follow a different structure than for-profit businesses, the core values of success are still underliers.

This is how Salesforce exceeds the needs of nonprofits through a series of valuable functionalities and features:

1. Exceeds Organizational Needs

Salesforce meets the needs of nonprofits and then some when it comes to donor management.

Whether nonprofits are tracking volunteers, donors, fundraising efforts, or leads, Salesforce adds value by offering individual coding changes upon request. If a function isn’t in a basic Salesforce package, nonprofits aren’t limited.

The ability to expand and customize is there. As the nonprofit grows, the CRM system does, too, and vice-versa.

Salesforce stats show that enhanced organizational management leads to increased productivity and job enthusiasm for nonprofit employees and volunteers.

Tech Impact reports that 40% of nonprofits saw 40% growth in their constituent reach with Salesforce, a 10% boost in donation volume, and, as a result, a 20% rise in total revenue.

2. Salesforce Gives Back with “The Power of Us Program”

In order to help nonprofits not worry as much about the cost of a quality CRM Solution, Salesforce gives back to them through “The Power of Us Program,” donating 10 Salesforce subscriptions as well as other discounts on its subscriptions and services.

Since many nonprofits have limited budgets and staff, this is a major benefit.

Harriet Redman, Executive Director and Founder of WisconSibs, attests to this benefit.

While she had originally believed Ledgeview was “yanking her chain” that Salesforce donates subscriptions, she quickly learned the amazing truth.

“I wouldn’t have picked Salesforce if it was free, but junk. But, oh my gosh – it is donated and outstanding! It is exactly what we needed,” Redman says.

Salesforce’s “The Power of Us Program” saves nonprofits a substantial sum.

Before implementation, Salesforce also allows nonprofits to try the solution for free for 30 days before they make a commitment.

5 Amazing Benefits Salesforce Has for Nonprofits

5 Amazing Benefits Salesforce Has for Nonprofits

3. Expansive Resources

Once nonprofits implement Salesforce, the resources don’t stop there.

With Salesforce, nonprofits have access to Trailhead support that provides them tutorials to get the most out of their technology.

Salesforce’s Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) provides a User-friendly guide to getting started, growing, and driving success with the CRM Solution.

Salesforce has many local user groups established across the nation for nonprofits, as well as their “The Power of Us Hub,” which joins a community of developers and end-users online to ask questions, provide answers, share experiences, and apply their knowledge.

4. Integration Compatibility

Many nonprofits use wealth-screening applications to identify potential donors. Salesforce comes with a huge app exchange that nonprofits can utilize, including donor management tools, among important others.

Check out Salesforce’s extensive collection of nonprofit-friendly apps in the App Exchange here.

5. Extensive Support

Assistance is never far away. In addition to Salesforce’s own support, Ledgeview is a Salesforce Silver partner with ample experience, passion, and expertise to help guide you through your Salesforce CRM journey.

Ledgeview’s expert consultants have many impressive certifications on top of their vast project experience.

We help companies increase win rates by 29%, boost rep productivity by 32%, and get 44% more accurate forecasts, among other great benefits. We offer support, guidance, demos and more.

If you are looking for resources, Ledgeview also offers case studies, eBooks, infographics, tip sheets and blog posts to keep you up to date with the system.

Are you ready to discover the possibilities Salesforce can bring to your nonprofit?

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