Social Media and Marketing Tips from Ledgeview Partners

LinkedIn is the primary social media network for modern professionals.

With the opportunities to network, find jobs, post resumes, and participate as thought leaders in relevant LinkedIn Groups, also comes the opportunity for marketers and advertisers to benefit from B2B advertising on the platform.

If you’re a B2B organization, the value of LinkedIn advertising should shine brightly in your marketing mind.

These basic tips should be valued as general guidelines for the average business. There is no one-size-fits-all LinkedIn marketing or advertising plan, but these best practices are typical across industries and business sizes.

Inherit these LinkedIn Advertising tips with a grain of salt, and individualize them according to your organization’s advertising needs:

Ledgeview Partners Social Media and Marketing Tips

1. Experiment with LinkedIn Ad Types
Don’t assume one type of advertising with LinkedIn is better than another for your business without testing.

Data analysis yields long-term results.

Conduct A/B tests with different content types, ad copy, audiences, and calls-to-action (CTAs) to identify the LinkedIn ad types your target audience responds to best, and your business receives the highest ROI from.

LinkedIn Advertising works with you to provide analytics so you can clearly see the results and benefits of your various ad types.

Ledgeview Partners marketing tips

2. Use Attractive Visuals
It’s no secret that we are visual creatures in the digital age of content consumption. Grab your audiences with your visuals, then get them to click with witty and concise headlines that relate to them.

Using eye-catching visuals tend to yield higher results with LinkedIn advertisements, and, arguably, social media advertisements across networks as a whole.

Ledgeview Partners Marketing and Social Media Tips

3. Don’t get Text-Heavy
The simpler your message, the better. Use visuals to convey your message with paid ads.

LinkedIn advises using 150 or fewer characters in your ad copy to yield higher results.

Nobody wants to read a whole blog post in your ad copy. Allude to the point of the message with clever text that makes your audience want to click without giving away key points.

Make them want and need to click to learn more.

Marketing and Social Media Tips from Ledgeview

4. Bid Above the Minimum
When it comes to bidding for your LinkedIn ads, you must select the minimum at $10/day for your daily budget, but it is not the suggested amount to bid.

LinkedIn reports that when users bid above the suggested range, they are likely to have increased CTR (click-through-rates) and higher website conversions.

Keep in mind that your daily budget must at least match your bid.

Make the most of your investment in LinkedIn advertising. Promote your best content, and invest in its value.

Social Media and Marketing Tips from Ledgeview

5. Be a Curious and “Scientific” LinkedIn Marketer with a Love for Testing
According to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and New York Times Best-Selling Author, Jay Baer, these are the keys to being a successful LinkedIn advertiser.

Finding your ideal LinkedIn ad type, audience type, and quantity, and the optimal sponsoring time comes with practice and a passion for “the scientific method.” 

When you put in the work it takes to succeed with LinkedIn Advertising, conducting tests, monitoring results over time, listening to your audience and responding to their needs, collaborating with your marketing team on best practices, and staying up to date with the latest news from LinkedIn Marketing, you are bound to succeed.

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