Customer Relationship Management Adoption Tips

Are you struggling to keep the CRM excitement alive days, weeks, or even years down the line?

You’re not the first organization to have this problem, and you won’t be the last. When it comes to reinvigorating CRM user excitement after an implementation, there are some key actions you can take to address low or lost adoption.

Here are our top considerations for your business…

1. Are you letting questions flow?

As a manager, CRM project manager, or CRM admin, you should ask yourself this question to determine if you’ve created an atmosphere for free-flowing conversation and questions. Your users should feel comfortable going to you as the CRM answer-person.

Make your help desk available. Designate a go-to person or small group of power users that others can go to, to ask questions.

The foundation of your CRM’s success should stem from a culture of support, intiated by leadership.

2. Are you using CRM in meetings?

This is a very important consideration. It shows your users that you are using the system and they should too. If you fail to show them how their processes and functionality are reflected in CRM, it will be hard to get them excited and keep them excited about your evolving technology.

Empower them to grow with it – use your CRM when you implement it. Don’t lose out on your investment. Maximize it with the power of productivity.


3. Are your users being held accountable?

Everyone involved in CRM should be held responsible for their role with it. Your CRM requires a team to be successful, whether that's 3, 50, or 500 or more people! Click To Tweet

However many people are directly involved with and using CRM, they should be active within it and held accountable for their specific role, not just with CRM, but your business’ goals with it.

4. Do you embrace feedback?

This consideration falls closely in line with the first consideration. It’s important that you use meetings and receive feedback from employees on implementation, training, and workflows to address problems and solve them.

It’s likely that during the first six weeks of a CRM implementation, many or all employees will have the same questions and/or concerns about CRM. It’s important you create a culture of feedback and transparency from the beginning to prevent low or lost user adoption now or in your future state.

5. Do you provide additional resources for success?

Do you encourage users to subscribe to your vendors’ website for eBook, blog, white paper, and infographic resources to aid in their education and so they can stay on the pulse of important updates? The same questions apply to your CRM or business and technology consulting partner if you have one.

The more assets you can supply and tailor to the individual’s learning style, the better. It is helpful to have these cushions of knowledge to fall on when you don’t know what to do yourselves.

There is a wide web of support and resources available to all – use what’s out there to improve your processes!

Do you like these tips?

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