5 Important Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Resolutions to Make in 2019

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Are you ready to kick your strategies and processes into high gear with your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM system in 2019?

Recently, CRM Support Consultant and Dynamics Expert, Michael Dodds, presented a webinar that covered the top resolutions you should make this year.

We expand upon these resolutions in this post with more relevant tips, links to extended resources, and sample use cases.

Ledgeview Partners Microsoft Dynamics Tips

1. Set up One Workflow

Workflows are one of the most powerful tools you can use in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM to implement logic without using custom code, making things a whole lot easier for your system and organization.

Workflows save admins a lot of time. They are triggered by and follow an if ‘x’, then ‘y’ methodology. You can set conditions with Workflows for when actions will take place. You may use them to:

  • Send an email when a new owner is assigned
  • Update information on an opportunity with information from the Account record, based on conditions from the account record
  • Create a follow-up phone call or task when the follow-up date field is filled in and pull the date onto that new record as the due date
  • and much more!

These are just a few examples of Workflows. You can see them in action when you watch the demo within this webinar, below.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Saved View

2. Create Efficiencies with a Personal View through Advanced Find

Personal Views are, undeniably, one of the greatest assets of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM systems.

They give users the ability to view all of the valuable data they’ve collected on customers, prospects, and leads under specific filters they define themselves.

Based on your specific job function and unique business needs, there is a huge benefit to creating your own, though the system comes with common Personal Views like “Active Customers”, “Opportunities Closing this Month” or “Hot Leads”, to name a few.

You can explore the possibilities and learn how to when you watch our latest user group webinar, below.

Dynamics 365/CRM Tips

3. Gather Required Data when Needed with Business Rules

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Business Rules are more than just business logic. This incredibly useful tool in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM can be used to lock fields, hide fields, and display field errors.

You can create Business Rules and Recommendations to apply form logic without having to write complicated code or use plug-ins.

If the required data is not there, your Business Rule may not function as you planned.

For example, if you don’t fill out fields in the sales stage of setting up a Business Rule, when you move onto other stages and have to go back, it will not be “Required”, which you need it to be for it to function properly.

Dodds explains, “you always want to reverse items out”. He elaborates in the webinar with a common use case.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

4. Shed those Pesky “5-Pounds” of Duplicate Data

Duplicate data is very important and can be pesky, cheesy as the “5-pounds” analogy may be.

Duplicate Detection Jobs are the best way to get rid of duplicate entries because you’ll have your Duplicate Detection Settings and Rules already set up.

If not, you can replay the Nov. 2018 Beginner Admin Training Course that shows you how to!

There are many Duplicate Detection Settings you can take advantage of.

Dodds demos a common use case in the webinar, below, for you to use at your disposal as you navigate the system.

Ledgeview Partners CRM Resources

5. Increase and Maintain High User Adoption

This is a huge topic we often speak and write about here at Ledgeview. You won’t see it featured in the webinar, but we wanted to add it to this list, as it’s a very important consideration in the New Year!

New Year, new focus, right?

We encourage you, at whatever stage you’re in with your CRM project, to strive to keep your users engaged in new and exciting ways.

You can take advantage of several CRM user adoption resources that show you how to here.

Now that you know what goals to set, it’s time to see them in action …

If you want more tips on succeeding with your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM system in 2019, be sure to join us for our next user group webinar on Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019 as we discuss: “Dynamics 365/CRM 101”.

Register here.

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