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How does CRM (customer relationship management) technology like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, among many others, fit into the world of sales and marketing in 2019 and beyond? Quite smoothly, and with gusto! Just take it from …

  1. “Artificial intelligence and marketing automation will take center stage with CRM in 2019. 2018 paved the way, but now in 2019, artificial intelligence is truly here … expect companies to leverage AI in areas beyond customer support in 2019 to achieve a competitive edge.”

  2. “Marketing automation will secure its footing in a majority of marketing tasks and operations in 2019. Companies can grow their marketing to new heights as the bulk of their work becomes automated through CRM and marketing automation technology.”

  3. “Mobile CRM presents its users the core CRM functionalities on the go, bringing a whole new range of possibility.”

  4. “Deep personalization will take over 2019 as companies dig into years of personal data to personalize experiences for their customer base. Years of data in CRM can be leveraged for personalization in marketing campaigns.”

  5. “The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation from the EU) took over in 2018, but, in 2019, it’s all about artificial intelligence, automation, and data for the CRM industry.”

CRM isn’t just for sales professionals as it is remembered from many years ago. CRM is expansive and beneficial to a variety of job functions, like marketing.

As businesses begin to focus and prioritize with developing deeper, more personalized and authentic customer experiences, CRM becomes even more pivotal to individuals’ daily business processes.

Moving forward into 2019, it’s important for professionals to keep in mind: how they use CRM, how their organization as a whole does, and how aligned they are in their processes.

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