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Are you still using an email service provider to manage your digital marketing processes, and are in the midst of exploring various marketing automation technology?

Or are you at least interested in exploring the benefits a marketing automation system could offer you in comparison to your current technology?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’ve stumbled across the right post!

In this blog article, we unpack five of the top indicators that you’re ready for marketing automation and have outgrown your email service provider.

Lead Nurturing

Email Service Provider:

“Batch + Blast” is a thing of the past. It refers to the old “one size fits all” marketing approach.

As we now know, this lacks the customization and personalization we need to thrive as marketers and gain brand loyalty.

You need to adapt to what your customers want to see from you. Your prospects aren’t just numbers in a database – they’re people with unique interests and attributes.

Marketing Automation:

So, how do we do this? In today’s hyper-personalized marketplace, customers expect to be treated a certain way. Instead of blanketing your lead list with a one-off email campaign, automated drip marketing campaigns in a marketing automation platform give marketers the ability to plan out interaction pathways that progress through messaging streams based on a contact’s behaviors and preferences.

Lead nurturing is a proven method for turning prospects into buyers, so if you’re not using it effectively, you’re losing out on potential business.

Marketing Automation Systems


Email Service Provider:

Fragmented technology creates a number of problems for marketers.

It’s extremely time-consuming to pull reports from multiple platforms, and marketers who’ve stuck to just using an email marketing platform to manage their marketing efforts will know this frustration well.

It’s difficult to consolidate and aggregate data when you’re taking it from so many places. If these various data points don’t come together, it can lead to lost opportunities in a grave hurry.

Marketing Automation:

So, how do we remedy this as marketers? With marketing automation, unified data is key, and we all know in marketing, how important it is to track our ROI.

You need to look at how all of your marketing activities are working together, rather than measuring separate channels, emails, and programs, and trying to manually make sense of how they come together.

This will help you become more respondent to your customers’ needs.

Marketing Automation

Lead Scoring

Email Service Provider:

Imagine deciding between lead lists and sales hand-offs, or prioritized leads and sales alignment. Most marketers would prefer the latter!

Lead scoring lets you pinpoint your hottest prospects, and, as we know – not all leads are created equal!

Some will be ready to buy, while others won’t even be close. Lead scoring will help you see where contacts fall in your funnel, but it’s extremely difficult to do this without automation …

Marketing Automation:

Lead scoring automates the process of monitoring a prospect’s online “body language”, and flags key digital buying signals so that sales reps know who and when to call them.

This is all done automatically within a marketing automation platform, which means there is no need for manual labor.

This enables your sales team to focus on closing revenue and driving increased profitability rather than spending time qualifying leads or running into marketing blocks – a win, win for all!

Ledgeview Partners eBook

Sales Enablement

Email Service Provider:

Let’s cut to the chase – by just using an email service provider to manage your marketing processes, you will not be able to close the gap to align your sale and marketing departments to their full potential.

Marketing Automation:

Marketing automation lets sales and marketing bridge the gap, not only between their departments but between hopeful possibilities and closed sales!

With marketing automation, marketers and their sales counterparts can define what makes a lead marketing-qualified, sales-accepted, and sales-qualified.

By establishing these qualifications early on, there is a level of trust that is bred between departments that allows them to thrive together.

Marketing Automation

Multi-channel Integration

Email Service Provider:

Most companies, regardless of their size or industry, need a system that tracks and monitors behaviors across multiple channels. They need a system that goes beyond the benefits of email to track and aggregate cross-channel customer engagement.

But, email service providers are primarily designed to be only good at one thing … that’s where marketing automation comes in!

Marketing Automation:

Marketing automation combines all of the benefits of an email service provider along with integration capabilities that would otherwise need to be consolidated with various standalone technologies.

By combining most functionality in a unified platform, marketing automation serves the needs of marketing and sales through integration as well as personalization, creating a greater positive impact on the business as a whole.

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