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The arrival of Salesforce Summer ’18 has come equipped with cool new features that you can take advantage of in your day-to-day processes as Users and Admins.

These are particular changes you should give special attention to and leverage to advance your Salesforce organization.

1. Views and Filter Logic

In Summer ’18, there are new views of filter logic capabilities, specifically with tasks. So, with the list view, you can now do more. You can change the display to the table, kanban, or split view. You can also change the status and tables.

You can also show detailed filters on list views in the Lightning Experience of Salesforce. There are new filters with Summer ’18 that include: Accounts by territory, accounts, cases, and opportunities by teams, contacts by the campaign, leads by queue and campaign, opportunities by territory, and custom objects by the queue.

Finally, you can now inline edit while using filter logic, meaning you can now make edits while filtering.

2. Linking Dashboards and Subscribing Others to Your Dashboard

If you go into your dashboards, you’ll now find that you can link your dashboards right to a Salesforce view.

Salesforce Summer ’18 now allows you to take your dashboards and go a couple of steps further … You can now link Dashboards directly to a website in Salesforce, or a website outside of Salesforce. You can also now subscribe others to Dashboards.

Subscribing others to your Dashboards allows them to get up-to-date information in a more timely fashion.

3. “Don’t Create Opportunity” – Admin Feature

This Admin feature is a cool new addition that used to be a custom button you had to create, but now more Admins can take advantage of at different levels of experience.

This is a life-saving feature for Admins. It offers the exact ability to not create an opportunity by default in the convert lead window in Summer ’18. To take advantage of this setting, follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to Set Up > Lead Settings
  • Click Edit
  • Checkmark/Select: “Don’t Create an Opportunity” by Default in the Lead Convert Window

4. Mass Email Campaign Members from the Campaign
In Salesforce Summer ’18, you now have the ability to send an email directly to your campaign members. You can create the email from scratch by using the basic email tool and utilize existing email templates to do so.

This enables you to bulk customize mass email sends, saving you a lot of time.

Keep your organization’s “per-day” email limit in mind as you’re creating and distributing emails to your campaign members. The same limits apply.

5. Lightning Report Builder
This is arguably the best new feature Salesforce debuted in their Summer ’18 release.

In the report builder, you can run without saving, change the column order, group by column and order in your sidebar, and filter by pick list. It’s a cleaner layout than before, which is very user-friendly and simple to navigate.

Joined Reports are currently available in Beta, so they must be turned on to be used as part of the Lightning Report Builder.

The Lightning Report Builder is now available in Salesforce Summer ’18’s general release and must be enabled per profile.

Get demos of these exciting new features in Salesforce’s Summer ’18 release.

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