5 Marketing Tips to Implement (with your CRM)

CRM Marketing If you are getting ready for the next invention of the wheel or the greatest thing since sliced bread, I am here to tell you that the marketing tips I am providing are no “an apple fell on my head” revelation, but instead meant to inspire and motivate you to implement automation efficiencies that will make it seem to your boss like you finally invented that cloning machine.

I wrote up 15 very simple and very effective tips that you can implement with your CRM (such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM). Wait, 15? But list is only 5! As I was writing (and writing, and writing) I realized that in our busy world no one has the time to read all these in one sitting. Absorb these 5, then check out next week for 5 more and we will see how long we can keep this train going since there are hundreds of tips we can talk about.

These are in no particular order because order of importance differs for each organization based on culture, goals and more.

  1. Talk to Each Other
    Integrating your systems seems like a real no-brainer, but you would be amazed how many companies utilize and invest in multiple solutions to guide their marketing. Perhaps you are using GoToWebinar or WebEx for all your webinars and Constant Contact, Vertical Response or MailChimp for your email campaigns and newsletters. But are they integrated with your CRM? With third party products like these, you can capture new leads, obtain new demographic data and much more – why would you not want that to auto populate directly into your CRM?
  2. Don’t be Afraid to Ask
    You worked hard on those white papers, case studies and ebooks. Don’t be afraid to ask for visitor information to access them. Just don’t get greedy! As marketers, we want to gather as much information on our customers and prospects as possible but if you ask them to fill out a form that reminds of them of going to the doctor’s office, they will abandon the page and remember your site in a negative way. Get the basics and each time they return, you can collect a little more. Just downloading that specific piece of content you are collecting data to understand their interests!
  3. Send Web Form Data Directly to CRM
    Assuming you like tip #2 and now have their info from your handy form, we play off tip #1 – make sure that data gets populated into CRM. You can easily build a web form or use web capture to sync up your CRM with your web form. There are many ways to do this including third party apps, just make sure to use one of them.
  4. Keep Your Data Clean
    How many times have you searched for a lead, prospect or contact only to see they have somehow been placed in there multiple times? Frustrating isn’t it? Now your data regarding the webinars they attended, ebooks they downloaded or links they clicked are spread across multiple areas and is not giving you clear insight. Use a de-duplication workflow to avoid duplication when entering (and importing) new leads and contacts.
  5. (Auto) Respond Right Away
    Setting up auto response emails will not only save you time but increase engagement. Whether someone is looking for a product sample, a demo, downloads a white paper or signs up to attend a webinar utilizing auto response emails is a must have for any marketer. And remember to personalize them – after all, you do have their information. Increase the value by offering additional resources you feel would be of interest based on their action.

With these tips and a great Customer Relationship Management solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce marketers can be more effective and efficient each day.

If you don’t have a CRM system or are struggling with the one you do have, contact Ledgeview Partners for a demo or to see what solution is right for your company.

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