CRMUG Summit 2018 #UserGroupSummit

Are you suffering from 2018 #UserGroupSummit withdrawals?

Us too!

Luckily, there are more key takeaways to share to help relive the excitement.

Here are some more you’ll want to keep in mind, whether you attended or not, as you move forward with your Dynamics plans and strategies in 2019.

1. Save the Date(s)!
The next CRMUG #UserGroupSummit is happening from Oct. 13 to 19, 2019 in Orlando, FL!

(Disney World, anyone?)

In addition, CRMUG announced the 2020 summit dates. The location is TBD, but, if you really like planning ahead, you can mark your calendars for Oct. 5, to 9, 2020.

2. Suffering from Session Withdrawals?
There are links to CRMUG 2018 #UserGroupSummit sessions available for viewing online.

You can catch up and watch them here once you log in to your Dynamics 365 User Group account.

3. Keynote Highlights
The Microsoft Business Application Keynote, delivered by James Phillips, was all about “Powering Digital Transformation with Microsoft Business Applications”.

Attendees walked away with key insight on new and enhanced technologies within the Dynamics Community, including:

  • Business Central
  • Power Apps
  • Resource Assist
  • and Layout

Phillips highlighted Polaris Industries’ usage of Dynamics 365 during his presentation to help the audience see it in action, and show them how to use telemetry data.

Kelly Roofing of Florida and their usage of Dynamics 365 was also featured during the exciting keynote.

You can replay it here!

4. PowerApps Stole the Show
Conversations happening all over the 2018 CRMUG #UserGroupSummit were surrounding the use of PowerApps!

Key subtopics that people were most excited about include …

  • A free version of PowerApps now available for download
  • You need Office 365 in order to use PowerApps
  • 265 Data Sources are currently available with PowerApps, with no coding needed
  • Power Suite is made up of Power BI, Flow, and Apps
  • PowerApp Types include the Basic Model and Enhanced Canvas
  • You can embed PowerApps inside of your Dynamics Platform
  • PowerApps are currently for internal use only, due to needing Office 365 to use it
  • Microsoft is working on the external utilization of PowerApps so that customers can also use the apps
  • PowerApps work on multiple devices, including desktop
  • App Ideas that stood out included: Using your mobile location to display an account while onsite so that sales just needs to add notes rather than look up the account
  • Apps displaying SharePoint files were shared

You can download the presentation slides to get the details and learn more about PowerApps here!

5. GDPR Updates
GDPR Compliance was also a HUGE topic of conversation at the 2018 CRMUG #UserGroupSummit. Around this topic, there were some common talking points among attendees of all types …

  • GDPR will be enforced and investigated in the United States of America by the FCC
  • As an organization, you do not have to completely remove a person’s data if they request it, ONLY IF removing that data will create another regulation or compliance issue (i.e. financial audits)
  • If you have a specific business reason to keep the data, it may be okay depending on the type of data that is being retained – this requires further research by your organization to determine whether or not you are compliant
  • Even though this is an EU regulation, it is best for organizations to treat everyone under these rules, as it is anticipated the regulation will continue to expand
  • If you are working on GDPR (i.e. Showing efforts towards corrective action), you will most likely not be fined the first time
  • Include a GDPR agreement in your business documents and agreements
  • If you share data with another company, you are ultimately responsible for everything they do with the data as well
  • Microsoft Compliance Manager is a free tool designed to help you manage GDPR processes and projects; it can assist you with “to-dos”
  • Compliance = Process + People + Technology

You can download the presentation slides and get more information on why GDPR is more than a report you can’t forget here!

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