How to Create a Sales Process that Will Drive ResultsWhen it comes to common mistakes in the sales process, there are five that we see most often when working with customers at Ledgeview.

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  1. Leaving Steps Open to Interpretation

The first most common mistake in the sales process is leaving steps open to interpretation. Steps should always be clearly defined to avoid mistakes. Concrete prospect actions are needed to move to the next stage.

When you leave steps loose, you open steps up to being skipped. There should never be gaps in the process. Prevent this common mistake by providing clarity to your team as a manager from the get-go.

  1. Believing in & Implementing a “One and Done” Approach

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The next common mistake is having a “one and done” approach. One size does not fit all in the sales process. Make sure your sales process is fluid. Apply some good, solid metrics to ensure the process is still relevant and working.

The sales process will always be a work in progress and should be constantly evolving with your customers and the CRM system.

  1. Having a Rigid Sales Methodology (and Not Changing it)

A rigidity sales methodology is the third most common mistake. Being that there are all kinds of them out there, it’s important you focus on yours and keep it refined and evolving as is necessary. Be aware of new and changing paradigms.

Keep your team on course with the evolution of CRM, your customers, and the sales process. Feel free to pick and choose bits and pieces from multiple methodologies to customize and create what works best for your organization.

Getting started with the basics will put you on your way to defining a successful sales process for your organization. Ledgeview’s latest eBook, “The Basics — Creating a Sales Process that Will Drive Results,” will help get you started.

How to Create a Sales Process that will Drive Results, Advanced Steps

  1. Lacking a Coaching Program

The fourth most common mistake we find at Ledgeview is having no coaching program. The best sales processes are managed by a great sales coach.

Trusting a great sales coach’s approach will get you far as a member of the sales team or even across departments. The organization as a whole must support, promote, and encourage the sales manager’s ability to evaluate, coach, and communicate with the team.

Coaching should always mirror the sales process, but also allow for individual growth and personalized components.

  1. Leaving it All Up to Sales Management

The fifth and final most common mistake is assuming sales management should be the only person or group to develop the sales process. A more collaborative approach will drive results and allow for the expansion of your business even more so.

Now that you know the most common mistakes and how to avoid them, you should feel more confident about your sales process overall.

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