Whether you’re an emerging professional in the field of technology, a seasoned veteran, or find yourself somewhere in between, the tips shared in this post will help you reset or enhance your mindset and career goals to find success as a professional in the field.

Become more employable to prospective employers, and love the work you do even more when you have the skills, experience, knowledge, and desire to learn to boot.

Here are some behaviors that will help you navigate a successful career in the world of technology:

1. Enhance your Knowledge Base
Continuing your education is highly beneficial in the field of technology, and, arguably, in most every professional field.

The world of technology is constantly in motion. As it evolves, as soon as you get ahead or keep up with industry news, insight, or new teachings, you’re often already behind.

When it comes to enhancing your knowledge base, whether you’re a technology marketer, consultant, salesperson, developer, or have another focus, there’s always something to learn.

Seek out classes, watch videos, read the right articles, and take the advice of your more experienced or knowledgable peers. Seek out additional certifications that pertain to your role or career aspirations in the field.

Have a hunger for knowledge, and satisfy your appetite for success!

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2. Practice the art of Self-Promotion
When you’re in the field of technology, you often may find yourself in the position of being an independent consultant or freelancer.

Therefore, you must also be skilled at maintaining, building, or boosting your online presence.

Be your own marketer or PR firm, whatever your focus in the field.

Promote your experience, skills, and passion in a balanced format across the right social platforms or job boards if you’re still on the hunt.

Alternatively, if the freelance life isn’t for you, whatever industry you’re in, you need to be able to sell yourself in a job interview for full-time, part-time, contract, temp or contracted roles. Even freelance work sometimes requires interviews!

Do your homework before any upcoming interviews you may have. Preparation will set you up for success.

Be in the business of self-representation. More so, be in the business of you!

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3. Network
Those in the field of technology can often have hermit-like habits – let’s be honest.

We love being near our computers, zoned in on them, because, most days we have to be.

It’s still important, however, whether online or face-to-face, that you maintain and build connections.

Whether that means attending relevant events, building a credible LinkedIn profile, or a combination of the two, be a part of your local technology community to stay in the know about new opportunities.

TopResume reports that 1/3 of all external hires are made through referrals, while data from The Adler Group shows that 85% of hires are made through referrals.

4. Patience
When it comes to the field of technology, you must not only be patient with the technology itself but the clients and colleagues you may be interacting with on a daily basis.

Clients are often not in the field of technology or don’t have technology backgrounds, so it’s important for consultants to be mindful of this and respond with patience and adherence to their unique needs and backgrounds.

Having a teacher’s mindset is a gift in the field.

Similarly, with colleagues who may not be as experienced in the world of tech, whether they come from a different background with different skill sets, are just getting started or feel out-of-date, the more adaptable you are in the field, the better off you’ll be.

Be open to whatever challenges may come your way, and respond as a problem-solver and critical thinker.

Calm is a necessity, and, patience, as they say, is a virtue.

Things will go wrong in any job or place of work because that’s just human nature, but how you react means everything.

5. Passion
You spend the majority of your life at work, and you should like it!

Having a passion for the field of technology is essential, and so long as you have an interest in it, there is only room to keep growing, learning, and developing to reach new levels of professionalism.

If you lack passion for your work, your days will not feel fulfilling. You should be excited about what you do! 

Any job you experience may have it’s lull days, but the majority of the time, you should be loving it.

Technology can be a tough and competitive field, but it is also a very rewarding field full of exciting shifts, with chances to meet innovators and work with dynamic peers with diverse skill sets, among other benefits.

There is always a need for new talent as the field grows!

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