5 Pro Tips to Gain User Adoption Before Your CRM Launch Day

5 Pro Tips to Gain User Adoption Before Your CRM Launch Day

From establishing your leadership involvement and project team to identifying guidelines and expectations, implementing a CRM solution such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM within your organization is never a “one and done” task.

If only it were as simple as sending out an email to all employees saying, “Hey, we have CRM now! Use it.”

With tips from Ledgeview, it just might be (next to) that easy. Though CRM systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM can be amazing (essential) assets for companies, CRM systems can be easily misused or disregarded.

We’ll help you prevent common mistakes from the start with these expert tips before your CRM Rollout Day.

1. Establish Your Leadership Involvement and Project Team: Prior to designing your CRM System, it’s crucial you establish an effective leadership team. This means identifying someone or a small group of people on your team as CRM Sponsors or Power Users.

They will be guiding your team through CRM from implementation to maintenance. Have representation from various departments when selecting this team. Invite them to represent themselves and their peers.

2. Design and Plan Your System: Do not wait until the last minute for this step. You need to be getting employee input from the start. They are the ones who will be using your CRM System. Make sure you address their needs and concerns during the design phase. Make it as user-friendly as possible.

3. Establish a “Phased Approach: Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression with CRM! Make it a good one. Focus on Quick Wins. Don’t over-engineer. Keep things simple during the pre-Rollout phase.

CRM is a journey. Be patient with the process of moving through pre-Rollout, to launch day, to CRM maintenance and evolution.

4. Identify Guidelines: This means preparing to train your team from the start! Layout a training plan from the get-go. Set it up according to an individual or departmental strength if you like. Do not leave this step until the end. Tailor a relevant agenda accordingly.

You can alter this as you go, but have a structure in mind first. Training sections can be conducted remotely or in-person. Don’t give remote employees excuses.

5. Communicate Early On: Don’t wait until the last minute to let your employees know about your plans with CRM. Start the conversation early. Get everyone on board from the get-go.

No one likes feeling blindsided in the workplace, especially when BIG new implementations like CRM are about to happen. When implemented correctly, CRM will affect everyone’s workflow and change the nature of your business’ success for the better …

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5 Pro Tips to Gain User Adoption Before Your CRM Launch Day

5 Pro Tips to Gain User Adoption Before Your CRM Launch Day (And More)

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