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The fifth question to ask yourselves about selecting a marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is: How often is the system updated?

As time goes on, consumer behaviors and preferences change, technology evolves, and marketers must respond to keep their brands afloat!

How is your organization going to keep up with these shifts in demand? By selecting the right marketing automation vendor!

To be successful, marketers must adapt to change, and so must their technology. An effective marketing automation solution should be updating.

Be sure to look at how often each system you’re considering is updated, and not just to fix bugs or address issues, though that’s important too.

Vendors should regularly update and add new features that improve upon existing ones to show their response to these shifts in consumer demand and behaviors.

Vendors that post release notes and update recaps on their main website or blog are even more valuable to you and your organization.

The more supplementary content they provide to help ensure your success with updates speaks to how much they value your goals with marketing automation.

You want your vendor to care about your customers and processes the same way you do, right?

Considering that, don’t shy away from asking perspective vendors about how much customer service requests fuel updates.

Their answer should indicate whether or not they put their customers first. While a “yes” certainly doesn’t mean they respond to every single problem, it does mean they put their customers’ needs first.

It reflects the overall value they place in your organization, as if it’s their own!

Learn more about what makes an effective marketing automation solution vendor for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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