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There are many reasons to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Mobile; most notably, by comparing previous versions to the current one.

The recent upgrade focuses on differences between Microsoft Dynamics 365 V8.2 and V9.0.

The exciting updates between these versions are evident, and users can take advantage of its vast capabilities in amazing ways.

Here’s the nitty-gritty of what you should know to maximize on its improved features …

Easy Access

Before, users typically took out Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Mobile to check information before walking into a client meeting.

Now, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Mobile is a tool that’s always at the disposal of the user for them to use even during a client meeting to take notes.

The tool is much more accessible and user-friendly in this manner. In today’s work culture, the update is even more socially acceptable for business functions with clients. Use shows relevance and timeliness.

Updating Account Information

Formerly, mobile gave users the opportunity to log activities, and make quick updates about their Contacts, Accounts, Leads, and Opportunities after a meeting; but now users have the ability to move between Accounts, Activities, Contacts, and more, more seamlessly so that they can quickly get answers to their most pressing questions.

Mobile App users can add tasks or to do’s as they go. Even follow-up reminders can easily be entered, making marking every touchpoint a more thorough and organized process for the user.

Enter More Details

Formerly, Mobile gave users the opportunity to enter in a New Contact with just the bare minimum of information, but now users can review data during or before meetings, and enter full information instead of just the basics.

It makes keeping track of the right information a whole lot easier, setting yourself up for more effective customer touchpoints in the future.

Take Mobile with You

In former versions, Mobile let users take Microsoft Dynamics 365 on the road with them to easily get in touch with customers by pulling up their profile and simply clicking the phone icon to dial them.

With recent upgrades, it’s still perfect for getting in touch in this way!

Form Permissions

Companies that have multiple forms, or even lock down access on forms, can now utilize them on Mobile as of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9.0 upgrade.

This is functionality is a great reflection of how Microsoft has moved the tool to be more like the desktop experience for the user.

Did you like this quick synopsis about what makes the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile App stand out to users now?

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