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An effective CRM rollout goes a long way in the story of your organization’s success.

When you’re looking for some reasons to pick up a good read to make it happen, we have five key considerations from our experts!

1. If you’re implementing a CRM system this year or are planning to…

The New Year tends to inspire personal and professional change. The same mentality often applies to our business processes.

If you are planning to implement a CRM system this year or are thinking of it for the near future, this eBook is worth a read! Our experts have put together a 5-eBook series on the importance of gaining user adoption during every phase of your CRM journey from implementation to rollout to clearing misconceptions to days, months, and years beyond your rollout to reinvigorating excitement if you lose it.

All are available for complimentary download via our resource library.

2. If you’re struggling to get your team excited about your CRM rollout day…

If communication during the CRM implementation process was not effective, your team may not feel excited about your CRM rollout, but there’s no better time than the present to remedy this!

In this eBook, we provide actionable tips to get your team genuinely excited and on board for your big day. This should be a celebration, after all!

3. If you’re struggling to get executive sponsorship…

Is leadership excited about and on board for your CRM rollout day? If you haven’t got them on board yet, now’s the time!

They help to set the example for your users to gain high and continuous user adoption as you move through every CRM project phase.

We provide actionable tips to get your executive on board the CRM bandwagon from the get-go within this definitive resource guide.

4. If you’re struggling to develop a training plan…

Some of your users may come into your CRM project with a more comprehensive understanding of the technology than others. Individualizing training plans is crucial.

There will also be times you need to train your team together, but the value of one-on-one training shouldn’t be dismissed.

Organize training by individual and departments as is needed. We provide best practice tips for crafting the best training strategies for your company within this guide.

5. If you’re struggling to encourage a “Day 2” mentality among your users…

Users may feel overwhelmed during your CRM rollout, but they shouldn’t be discouraged by this feeling in the grand landscape of your CRM journey.

If you are struggling to reshape the conversation into something more positive, we provide tips for Day 2, Day 52, or Day 365 (and beyond) in this eBook to help you gain and maintain high CRM user adoption throughout your journey.

Are you ready to discover what’s possible when it comes to gaining high and continuous CRM user adoption during your project rollout?

Download the expert resource guide here to enable your success.

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