Lead Scoring

An effective lead scoring strategy goes a long way in the story of your organization’s success.

When you’re looking for some reasons to pick up a good read to make it happen, we have five key considerations from our experts!

1. When you’re struggling to determine your lead scoring criteria…

Determining lead scoring criteria may feel like a daunting task, especially if you’re new to marketing automation technology or the concept of lead scoring in general.

Based on your funnel stages, you may score leads based on a variety of unique factors!

We break down these factors within this eBook to help you develop your own lead scoring criteria and associated values.

2. When you’re struggling to define your lead scoring stages…

What goes into the Awareness, Interest, and Consideration phases of your lead scoring process will be crucial to your team’s success.

The further someone moves down the sales funnel, the more likely they are ready to talk to a salesperson. This means more revenue for your business once they convert to a customer and you are able to retain their loyalty and create new opportunities with them throughout the customer lifecycle!

In this eBook, we help you visualize and understand what those lead scoring stages will look like, and move your leads from marketing-qualified (MQL) to sales-qualified (SQL).

3. When you want to learn how to attract quality leads with quality content…

Different organizations may benefit from different content, but what’s most important to pay attention to is how your customers absorb your insights, advice, and value best. Do they like eBooks? Blog content? Podcasts? Webinars? Demos?

In this eBook, we break this down and teach you how to capture information on a lead with the power of effective content like the aforementioned.

4. When you want to understand the benefits of progressive profiling (and what it is)…

Progressive profiling serves different form fields in your marketing automation system to contacts based on what you already know about them.

In this eBook, we break down how the progressive profiling process works in leading marketing automation technology, how you can utilize it to gain high quality leads, and get the data you want out of them to create the best opportunities for your organization.

5. When you want to learn how to automate forms…

Automation can be very beneficial to marketers today, as many of us work on small teams. Automating tasks that require less personalization and human attention can save time and enable your team to focus on the core of their functionality.

Marketing automation technology enables marketers to send automated email responses, add new leads to CRM, move or add leads to a marketing list or nurture program, notify account owners of changes in lead activity or records, and much more…

We elaborate on this within this eBook.

Are you ready to score more high quality leads with lead scoring in your marketing automation system?

Dive into the details when you download the complimentary eBook resources from the experts at Ledgeview here.

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