Are your CRM users struggling to understand the importance of your technology, or pick up on its intricate and comprehensive functionality? (Are you reluctant to break the ice with them about your new CRM project as a result of this atmosphere?)

You aren’t the first organization to go through this discombobulation, and you won’t be the last. Regardless of industry, experience, or seniority, this happens to the best of businesses. Adopting a new system can be challenging, but breaking the ice about it doesn’t have to be awkward!

However, the idea of this new challenge is meant to excite you as you integrate it into the core of your business processes, not discourage you.

Here are five of the top reasons you should break the ice with your CRM users today to gain their high and continuous adoption.

1. Increase personalization to customers

Often, new CRM users fear they’ll lose the personal touch they’ll have with their customers when the technology is implemented and adopted. They fear to lose their humanity to automation.

However, CRM is meant to complement their processes, not take away from or diminish their value. CRM systems are meant to help your team build even stronger relationships with their customers, not the other way around.

Once you address this common CRM misconception, your users are sure to feel encouraged about its ability to extend personalized marketing efforts.

2. To destigmatize the “Big Brother” idea

Is there fear circulating around the office that CRM will increase micro-management among leadership?

While this is a common fear that new CRM users have, it’s easy to debunk and address this among your team during any phase of your CRM project.

CRM systems generate highly detailed and qualitative reports that keep your organization in check. They are not meant to encourage management to become micro-managers.

CRM systems should help to produce a culture of appreciation and respect between all levels of employment when used effectively.

3. To foster organization

Keeping data clean can be challenging for different teams. It’s important, then, as a manager, that you are the executive sponsor of data cleanliness within your system and encourage your team to follow your example.

CRM will not get out of hand so long as it’s well-managed. Keep yourselves in check to keep your data clean.

4. To ensure the workday is well-spent

Sales reps may fear, when a CRM system is new to your organization, that it will increase the amount of time it takes to move through the sales cycle.

This is a huge misconception around CRM, so it’s crucial you address this right away as a manager.

CRM should help to make all of your processes more effective. If it’s not, consult your CRM partner to help you identify the roadblocks to your success.

5. To address limitations

At Ledgeview, we live by the saying, “If it’s not in CRM, it doesn’t exist.” We encourage our customers and digital communities to do the same!

CRM is extremely comprehensive, which means it can also be overwhelming at first.

You will not inherit all of the knowledge and capabilities of your system in just a week or a few. CRM is a continuous educational journey so long as you and your team are committed to evolving alongside it.

Common reasons a CRM system may have limitations or result in failure include:

  • Failed user adoption
  • Failed sponsorship
  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of guidance/direction
  • Lack of dedication
  • and more …

This is why it’s so important to clear the air with your team today, to prevent lagging adoption and increase the effectiveness of your results in a shorter timeframe. After you break the ice, you can really start to see results…

If you like these tips, learn more when you read: “10 CRM Misconceptions on Gaining User Adoption.”

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